‘Big Secrets’…


Key 6 from the Tarot


The modern fifty-two-card deck of playing cards retains only one of the Atu, or Keys, or Major Arcana, of the original game of Tarot which was first popularised in mediaeval Europe –

The Joker, which is The Fool of the earlier decks…

Significantly, there are two Jokers which are used to book-end the current deck but usually without taking part in most of the card games now played with the cards.

This hints that The Fool of the Tarot was an adventurer, the human psyche, or soul, who journeyed, there and back again, through the psychological landscapes represented by the rest of the twenty-one Major Arcana of the Tarot, now missing from the current decks…

Because each of the Atu, or Keys of the Tarot are numbered with roman numerals, lettered with Hebrew letters, and assigned zodiacal attributions, the psychological landscapes to which they allude are legion, and do not just traverse, for example, 1-21 and back again but rather every available combination of those sequences in between, both back and forth…

1-2, 2-1, 1-3, 3-1, 2-3, 3-2 etc.

Thankfully, our current predicament demands only that we focus attention on Keys six and fifteen…


Key 15 from the Tarot


15 thoughts on “‘Big Secrets’…

        1. Look at the Cards, See the similarities. What’s the story they tell, What’s the story that connects them. Each is a 3-figure tableau consisting of two naked human figures, one male and one female, standing below a raised central archangel. Uriel’s sleight of hand / Raphael’s gesture of blessing. partially demonic / fully human; chained / free-standing; separated / connected; fire & fruit. Background — transparent / solid; torch-lit / sunlit; double-cube altar / mountain; fire & fruit)
          Cap vs Gemini
          Saturnian Energy vs Mercurial Energy
          Self-determined vs. Relationship-oriented
          Self-expressive vs. Cooperative creative effort
          Self-important vs. What’s best for one’s partner
          Some things are better than others vs. It’s all good
          I’ll leave it with that and let the teacher take it further.

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