Flight of the Seer IX…


Shortly after the ‘Leaf and Flame’ event in 2016, the outline for, The Feathered Seer, workshop took shape for us on the edge of an ancient necropolis overlooking Big Moor.

The seeing that day, be it courtesy of the seasonal sun light, or more esoteric manifestations, allowed us to work out one possible function of the Barbrook 1 stone circle.

And this ‘rudimentary ritual’ was replayed in original situ later that year for the group of Companions who attended our Living Land workshop, ‘Circles Beyond Time’, in September.

Naturally, it also formed the basis of R3 of The Feathered Seer and its working proved to be one of the most intense undertakings we have ever experienced.

What the ancients knew was that only the querent holds the answer to the question, but that the clues to those questions are everywhere played out in living experience.


Exploring the Inner and the Outer…


The symbolism employed by our forebears was both simple and profound.

Rock sculptures designating ‘living lands’, stand and face the horizon.

Rock sculptures designating ‘dead lands’, lie and face the sky.

The earthen monuments of the dead are linked by sky paths.

Wisdom is found within and only then utilised to shape those without, not vice versa.

Our modern cultures, it seems, still have an awful lot to learn.




Flight of the Seer VIII


During our ‘Church Tapping’ days we acquired the rather dubious art of Bibliomancy, that is, taking it in turns to read at random from the pages of the bibles which, like as not, had been left open on the lectern of whichever church we happened to be tapping at the time.

It was, to say the least, uncanny how many times this particular ‘rite of divination’ threw up wholly appropriate, not to say eye opening revelations which later, invariably, we agreed we really needed to hear.

But I say dubious, because nowadays, the church authorities are none too keen on the ‘good book’ being used in this way?

Anyway, old habits die hard…

“…know ye not, that so many of us as were baptised into Jesus Christ were baptised into his death?

Therefore are we buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the Glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in the newness of life…”

So it was that in Bakewell Church on the Monday following the weekend of, The Feathered Seer, workshop this curious argument presented itself.

It is made, apparently, in Paul’s Epistle to The Romans…

“‘Newness… of… life…?’

Nope, no newness of life in the wake of this workshop.

You got that one all wrong.”

“Oh, really? I don’t think so…”



Flight of the Seer VII…


Given our quiet revolution, it was heartening that so many of the Companions stayed on after the workshop to play out in the landscape.

The feeling was that many others would have too had not circumstances dictated otherwise.

For those who could not there is always one of the Living Land workshops which we offer at intervals throughout the course of the year.

So, seven of us set out for the Raven’s Nest. The very heartland of our ‘imaginary piece’ for the workshop.

One, we left as anchor in the dappled sunlight of the trees that skirt the edge of the High Moor.

The Spirit Stone saw to the rest… sending us off in all directions and then drawing us back, one by one, each in our own way…

As is meet.

It is still difficult to see anything other than what was first seen over nine years ago now…

Heartening, also, that others could see it too.

There is a rhythm to these sites.

An unwritten, unspoken, inner core of subtle reciprocity which partakes of gradual revelation…

And only ‘if’…

Perhaps, because of our work over the weekend, or at other times here…

Perhaps, for reasons unfathomable, or more prosaic, the area beyond the circle, such as as it is, this time opened up and allowed, at least some of us, entry…

Depending upon how far back the name goes…

‘Hordron’ certainly has an ancient ring to it, and it has caused us more than a few headaches in the past…

In the old nomenclature, then, ‘A Stone’ may simply designate a ‘place of power’.

We have known for a long time that the seven were in fact (at least) nine, so that ‘The Seven Stones’ may always have been… Seven Sites?

That should keep us occupied, for awhile…



Photos – Running Elk

Flight of the Seer VI…

Alethea Kehas and Barbara Walsh holding a photograph of Obi.


For those Companions who study the Silent Eye Correspondence Course the Sunday morning of our April Workshop is a special time.

It is then that we mark their progress through the three degrees of the course with a ceremony designed to ratify each stage of that process.

This year we were delighted to acknowledge Alethea Kehas and Barbara Walsh who completed their Second Degrees and Maurice Obioha Nwankwor (Obi) who completed the Third Degree of the course and thereby became the first of our students to achieve this beginning…

‘Initiation cannot be conferred by human hands.

Not all who reach the Portal will pass the Threshold.

Not all who knock will see that door held open to the Light.

Initiation cannot be bought, nor can it be earned through effort.

It is not a goal, but a beginning.

It is a recognition of the soul and symbol of the contract between the Initiate and the Inner Light.

It comes not as a reward, but as a Grace.’

We would like to thank all those who attended the April Workshop this year.

As an indication of the calibre of our attendees for, ‘The Feathered Seer’ we need only consider, that the early Saturday morning, ‘Greeting the Dawn’ ritual which has always been an optional event, drew a full complement of Companions!

With heartfelt thanks to Allan Pringle and Morgana West who delivered such relevant and inspiring presentations for us.

Finally, we would like to end with a special mention for ‘Our Shaman’…

‘All is One’



Whispers of Ancestral Voices


secrets-2022087_1920 Image: Pixabay

Fellow bloggers and old friends who attended the recent Silent Eye workshop, The Feathered Seer, have written far more eloquently than I of their experiences.  This is my attempt at making sense of the weekend’s events, my guide Anubis will walk beside me as I recall all and perhaps nothing. I ask my Muse and Guide, The Opener and Walker between the Worlds what he makes of this tapestry woven from our histories. He gives me an inscrutable look (haven’t seen that one before) and whispers:

We carry in our DNA the sum of all existence and memory, from before time existed and beyond the ending of worlds. Linking with others to form gigantic DNA chains in the body of something beyond comprehension. Purposefully flying towards evolution and completion. Harmonious and beauteous in all ways. All return to the point of origin, from whence they came. Then there is…

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Flight of the Seer V…


Any creative endeavour involves hazard.

We are fortunate enough to work with an eclectic and talented bunch of souls which inevitably lessens that hazard.

With our previous Workshop, Leaf and Flame, we had made a rod for our own back by extending the compass of R4 out into the night and into the realms of spectacle… and fire… and dance… and legend, courtesy of the street entertainers known as Mister Fox.

So, what this time for our R4 extension?


“It’ll need to be big, brash and in your face to counteract the, ‘Beyond the Veil’ section of R4.”

“We’ll hand it over to Dean and Ali.”

“Our Lore Keepers?”



Dean Powell and Alienora Browning have been April Workshop stalwarts since the Silent Eye’s inception and have on numerous occasions stepped in to cover more than their primary roles when illness or mishap has dictated.


“So how do we play it?”

“Just give them the story we want performed…”

“…and let them get on with it.”


We were not disappointed.


“It was better than watching telly!”

“It was brilliant!”

“They are legend!”


Trust is the other side of hazard.

Trust is also an antidote to fear.

So… Trust!


Ali and Dean as, The Lore-Keepers.


Flight of the Seer IV…


“No one else is doing this.”

“So far as we are aware.”

“And if they are doing it they are not doing it in quite the same way.”


It was not always the case.

The ancient mystery schools utilised story and drama in order to teach and inculcate spiritual and psychological truths within their aspirants.

In many cases those same stories and dramas are still around in the form of myths and legends, although their deeper content may now be well hidden, if it remains at all.

It may even be that story and drama originally evolved with no other purpose than the sacred, and that what we now know as entertainment is the dying gasp of a degenerate process.



Flight of the Seer III…


…Anyway, a quiet revolution has been under way over the last five years.

We have been gradually expanding the boundaries of the temple ritual and nudging it outside and into the sacred site.

Conversely, we have also been expanding the boundaries of the sacred site and nudging it inside and into the temple ritual.

The results have been both fascinating and worthwhile and they look set to continue into the near future and beyond…

For at least as long as we can stick around.

So why don’t you come along and get involved?


Musical Roots: The Drum’s Song

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


The drum called, its stick an instant friend in my hand, unexpected tingle of familiarity up my right arm. I knew the figure crouched at my left, bright streams of Sun colour a solar-fall down the cloak of pure gold. I recognised the tall shadow of the Shaman, dark feathers shining unearthly green and blue, pelts still giving off the slight whiff of the animals which gifted them, sharp beak a stern reminder of mortality.

Stones – tall and weathered, humming and sparking with energy – surrounded us; the steep slope, shawled with grazing kine behind, a powerful shoulder for the people to gather strength from, or weep upon. The Circle fizzed and fuzzed with expectant silence. Sun, a radiant smile overhead, blessed the sacred site with its vernal benison, though the catch in the throat and the infinitesimal darkening and deepening of Sky’s evening palette suggested imminent transition. Darkness…

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