Where will you look?

Where will you look if you feel the call of something deeper?

You’ve learned to discriminate between the superficial, the flashy and dashy, and what has depth and the intention to help rather than lighten your pocket.

You know that work will be needed on your part.

You’ve read about ancient wisdom … but wonder if so much complexity is necessary to discover and explore the truth … your truth. Why?

Shouldn’t the Truth be quiet, gentle, respectful of who you are so that you can open up and mix your ideas and aspirations with what you recognise as a deeper kind of knowing – one that touches your soul?

Whatever your soul is… and you’d like to know that, too; in a way that made sense of your experiences in life.

What you really want is a journey that does all the above, but in a very personal way; respecting who you are – even challenging who you are … but with understanding and the kind of humour that makes you want to be part of it.

Welcome to the Silent Eye.

Come sit at our table and chat… Let’s explore.

If you prefer to speak rather than write, then request to join one of our introductory Zoom sessions. There is no charge for this.

Contact us at Rivingtide@gmail.com

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