The People – Who are we?

The Silent Eye is run by a team of three friends who each bring their knowledge, understanding and talents to the service of the School. This Triad of Companions is based upon the symbol of the triangle… a figure with deep resonance within the teachings of the School and also for the team; no point on a triangle takes precedence… and without three corners it simply could not be what it is. Together we work to make the vision of the School into a vibrant, living reality.

The students of the School… our Companions… come from four continents and every walk of life, from psychologist to student, professor to housewife. There is no place in the Mysteries for social status and the soul knows neither border or boundary.

diggingdog 266Steve Tanham is the founder of the Silent Eye and Director of Teaching. He is the principal architect of the School’s three year home study programme and the annual April workshop. He is a former Grand Councillor of AMORC and was a founding member of The Servants of the Light’s ARC council.

prof pic cleanSue Vincent is Director of Supervision, working closely with students of the School across the world. She has lived within the Mysteries all her life, studied with the Servants of the Light and is known as a teacher in many forums.

stupic11Stuart France is our Director of Research and brings a rich and eclectic vein of mythology, symbolism and esoteric thought to the service of the School. Stuart has studied with OBOD, AMORC, and the Servants of the Light.

To learn a little more about who we are and how we came together, just follow the link to The Journey So Far.

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