The Silent Eye The Silent Eye – a modern school of mysticism

The Silent Eye – a modern school of mysticism

(Above: the great Sufi mystic and teacher, Rumi)

A deeply personal journey to a different inner love

We take our introductory sentiment from the 13th century Sufi mystic, Rumi, though we are not a Sufi school.

We could lay out before you a map of your real nature, pointing out the personality, the conscious and subconscious parts of you, the soul behind that, and, ultimately, your essence, the deepest personal part of you.

But without the means to bring it alive, it would be of little value to you,

How to bring it alive?

The Sufis of that distant era understood this and developed a specialised language that helped with the realisation – intellectual and emotional of deep truths – the kind of truths that change a person’s life.

One of the specific words the Sufis used was ‘love’.

When they spoke of love in a mystical context, they meant the greater love that radiates from the inner part of a person into the life of the outer personality, empowering and emboldening it. This inner love can be sought and its presence cultivated in the outer being that has learned to open itself.

Rumi’s famous quote summarises the process:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

We use the words above as a keynote of what we do because we understand its depths of meaning and the accuracy of what it sets in motion…

The mind believes it has to conceive and create the new self it desires. But that level of our-selves is already there. The mind’s fear of losing its primacy in our lives is at the heart of why progress can be so difficult.

The mind’s true role is to deliver the energy, love and creativity of the soul into the person’s world. To achieve this capability, we need to find our deepest identity beyond the mind.

Traditionally, students of such intense mysticism would be guided to look within themselves for these barriers, using a one-to-one relationship with a teacher whose role would be to observe and study the student’s life and character for many years – possibly decades.

The Silent Eye has developed a correspondence-supervised, self-study programme which carries forward the spirit of this, but reduces the time to three years.

It’s the 2020s. The teaching world is evolving rapidly.

We are a well—established organisation with deep experience in many of the leading esoteric methods, such as the Kabbalah, Christian Mysticism and the methods of ‘being awake’ taught by Gurdjeff. Two of the original three directors – one of them the original founder – were from a Rosiucrucian background (AMORC).

We teach a direct path to the truly spiritual. We teach the road to Being via the personality. Everyone can relate to their personality, though, if they are honest, they may not like all of it.

The personality is where we start because it is the ‘tree of one’s life’, and contains the roots and branches of everything that has become ‘us’.

Our age is blessed with the fruits of both modern mysticism and the findings of depth psychology. The latter has given us an accurate mapping of our reactive human character which clearly shows us the ‘barriers to love’ that we build in response to the difficulties of life.

The Silent Eye is a very different School of the Soul … as you will see if you join us.

(Above: The Silent Eye’s mystical enneagram – not to be confused with populist ‘personality polishing’ methods)

The unique constellation of person’s character, from a reactive point of view, can be easily found and used as a basis – a map – of their individual journey home. We stress that everyone is different. This is not an attempt to make a one-size-fits-all process of personal development.

No such thing exists.

We all react to learning differently, and any process of true advancement must accommodate this.

If you are accepted into the Silent Eye, you will be invited – under the guidance of a Supervisor – to take a journey lasting three years.

Using a combination of teachings and exercises, the first year will relate the core of modern mysticism to your unique character. Working together, you and your Supervisor will determine where those barriers are most strong in your self. Surprisingly, these may turn out to be the most powerful and positive gates to your personal inner life.

Our teaching method is to place you as the central character in a living story… A story that comes to life within your mind, emotions and imagination, a story that calls to your inner being.

You will meet nine fictional characters in an unusual landscape. You will get to know them, and they will seem to know you very well. You will become the agent of change for their lives, and, in so doing, the interaction will reveal hidden depths of yourself.

The second year will see you and the nine characters – now embarked on a more emotional journey – carrying out an ‘alchemical’ conversion of the nine key facets of yourself to reveal the inner essence of your own soul, which will turn out to have far more ‘substance’ than you thought.

The third and final year will use the empowerment of the second to bring you face to face with the living ‘Objective Truths’ of the universe, grasped in all their power and seen as intimately related to you. They will effect a set of key changes in your spiritual makeup, enabling you to truly know your inner Self and become your own teacher from that point onwards.

This mystical journey is not a psychology course; though it uses the insights of modern psychology about the ego-self. This course mixes ancient mystical wisdom into a modern teaching framework that will enable you, with the guidance of your Supervisor, to change your life.

Such work requires sincere effort on your part but is immediately rewarding. We promise you will see and feel your life changing week by week, as you progress.

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