Hunting the ‘Tree Demon’…


…”Where Hu-Wa-Wa comes and goes becomes a track and all those ways are well trodden.

As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the birds begin to sing…

Wood-Pigeon moans.

Turtle-Dove coos in answer.

As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the animals call…

Monkey-Mother shouts.

Monkey-Child shrieks.

Like a band of musicians and drummers the birds and animals

bash out their rhythm daily in the presence of Hu-Wa-Wa.

Hu-Wa-Wa hears all the sounds of the forest.

Even the faintest rustling amongst the leaves.

Who amongst Gods or Men can enter his domain and defeat him?”…


The Silent Eye’s Spring workshop for 2019


The Oldest written story known to man…
What spiritual treasures lie hidden in this, five thousand-year old, Epic?
What can this ancient civilisation teach us about the questions of existence?
Join us on this quest of a life-time, next April, to find out…

‘Gilgamesh is among the greatest things that can ever happen to a person.’
– Rainer Maria Rilke.


Fully catered weekend package, including room, meals and workshop: £235 – £260


Click here to download the Booking Form



For further details or to reserve your place:


Lord of the Deep: The Quest for Immortality

26-28 April, 2019 – Great Hucklow, Derbyshire


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