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Privacy Statement

This blog is published on using a platform provided by Automattic. You can read their full Privacy Notice for visitors to this, and other sites by clicking this link. will shortly be adding a new combined Cookie and Consent display in order to comply with GDPR.

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In order for a website to function correctly, some data must be collected whenever a site is visited. Authors of blogs have only minimal access to that data and what we can see is limited to your email, website address and such information as is publicly displayed when you like or share a post, leave a comment or participate in a poll.

To protect your privacy, this blog –

-will never add you to a mailing list or newsletter without being specifically requested to do so.

-will never pass your email address or personal details to any third party without your express permission.

-will, upon request, remove or edit any comment that you have left, or remove any post that has been reblogged from your site.

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