Primitive Minds…


“We will never know what they thought, what they were trying to achieve.”

But we still have the sun set and the sun rise…

Participate in only a few of these momentous events

and it becomes pretty clear that there is something missing from our world.

Was their world any different in that respect?

6 thoughts on “Primitive Minds…

  1. I suppose it must have been, Sue, and that is why humanity moved forward. Due to need. This is a compelling creational force. I am sure humanity will take strides forward during this virus pandemic and a whole lot of new technology will come to the fore. The silver lining.


      1. Media driven panic…. Logic and common sense need to prevail but the fear in the masses is so high that even when the Government try to unwind the restrictions, many petition not to….. and what comes after this media driven frenzy of fear…… this will be the real tragedy – unemployment, debt and poverty.

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