A Second-Self…



My vizier says you have tidings of some import to my realm?


Great lord, I bring dire news! A threat to the kingdom… 


Speak, man! If what you say is true, let us have no ceremony. What is it that you have seen?


Why, I have seen a giant, my king!


A giant? Pah! You have been listening to tavern stories.


No, my lord, with my own eyes I saw him.


If your eyes have played you false, then your tongue sets you at risk, Trapper. Tell me of this giant…


My eyes serve me well, my lord, and are, as always, at your service. 


Where and when did you see this apparition?


I was hunting in the forest, lord. It is true that there was gossip in the tavern, but I thought as you…that it was no more than a drunken tale.

As the dusk fell near the watering hole, three days ago, I saw him… My lord… forgive me…but I have seen such a savage man at the watering-hole.

He has muscles like rock.

He outruns the wild animals he lives with.

Tall he was… and broad… as an ox.

Rough, unkempt, uncivilised.

His speech, if speech it was, is like to that of the animals with whom he runs.

He fills the pits I have dug and tears out the traps I have set so that the animals again run free.

I can catch nothing.

My livelihood has gone.

I fear no beast, my lord, but seeing this creature, I was afraid…


The Silent Eye’s Spring workshop for 2019


The Oldest written story known to man…
What spiritual treasures lie hidden in this, five thousand-year old, Epic?
What can this ancient civilisation teach us about the questions of existence?
Join us on this quest of a life-time, next April, to find out…

‘Gilgamesh is among the greatest things that can ever happen to a person.’
– Rainer Maria Rilke.


Fully catered weekend package, including room, meals and workshop: £235 – £260


Click here to download the Booking Form



For further details or to reserve your place: rivingtide@gmail.com


Lord of the Deep: The Quest for Immortality

26-28 April, 2019 – Great Hucklow, Derbyshire


7 thoughts on “A Second-Self…

  1. Ah, I am so glad we are getting into Gilgamesh. I have reread it several times now over the months because i would think I had interpreted the messages and then realize I missed the whole point. This is an amazingly knowledgeable story for the time it was created – sophisticated in theme, sub-themes, symbolism, psychology, and spiritualism. Really an incredible work, and I keep thinking about how truly amazing this society had to be to have people who were thinking at that time with such incredible depth. Thank you kindly.

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