A Bibliomantic Tale III…


The Great Orme: summit.


Tee minus One-Zero hours and counting…

“Pages Four-Four and Four-Five.”

“It’ll have to be Nine.”


No 9 (Light)

‘I saw that God never began to love us… We have always been in God’s foreknowledge, known and loved from without beginning… We were made for love.’

– Julian of Norwich


“I mean, I know they’re designated Christian Mystics, but some of these don’t appear to be talking about the Christian God at all.”

“Not the exoteric Christian God at any rate, Julian was a woman. She wrote in the medieval period, hence the pseudonym.”

“A mystic and a woman, I’m surprised she survived.”


No 8 (Dark)

‘God is nearer to us than our own soul and God is the means whereby our Substance and our Sensuality are kept together so as never to be apart.’

– Julian of Norwich



“Last time I was here we walked up, the Orme, and work unearthing the Bronze Age mine had only just commenced.”

“Substance and Sensuality could easily be applied to both miners and archaeologists.”

“Let’s go take a look at what kind of job they made of it.”



“Well, looking at it from this distance, I’d be bound to wonder whether or not our, previously regarded as both ‘savage’ and ‘barbaric’, forbears had discovered the art of ‘fractal mining’.”

“If you mean, in marked contrast to the ‘war on earth’ that our ‘civilisation’ currently propagates, I’d be inclined to agree.”



“Shall we explore further?”

“Lead on, Mole, lead on…”



“Now we’ve gained the ‘heart of the earth’…”

“Gained, or were gifted…”

“…It may be time to take another reading.”

“Pages One-Nine-Nine and Two-Zero-Zero.”

“Let’s start with One.”


No 1 (Light)

‘Faith is certitude in existence. I think mysticism professes this. It is the mystic’s faith which enables him to transcend quotidian consciousness… The prophet takes over where the mystic stops. The mystic is ascent; the prophet descent.’

– William Everson


“And we’ve just come from the top of the headland!”

“I may have to look up ‘quotidian’.”

“It has to do with days.”

“Approaching the Ancient of Days.”

“Possibly, go on then, give us the shadow…”


No 2 (Dark)

‘Before the Pill the primacy of procreation in the sex life was so overwhelming that it had to be repressed, placed under taboo, strictly confined to the married state with enforced ignorance of its dynamic mechanism, because of the responsibility for the fate of children. The sex act could only be implied in legitimate expression. The explicit was confined to the pornographic and sold under the counter. With the invention of contraception in the modern world the taboo was softened and we began to get fairly explicit renditions, but there was nothing like amnesty. Not until the invention of the Pill was mankind’s apprehension sufficiently relaxed to feel safe with spontaneity.’

– William Everson


“Okay… That’s thrown me.”

“We are deep in the body of the Mother.”

“That’s true, but I think the quotation only holds for modern man.”


“Spontaneity was afforded our ancestors because they still possessed maternal community.”

“It’s an interesting thought.”



to be continued…

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