A Bibliomantic Tale IV…



“Somewhere in all that cloud stands a Druid at the head of a circle.”

“Let’s go see if we can find him.” …


The Pillars: Penmaenmawr.


Tee minus Six hours and counting…

“It’s odd, I had no recollection of these pillars, yet now that I see them I do remember and it seems like only yesterday. We went that way, which is, I believe, the long way round, so we’re going to go in the opposite direction.”

“Not before we’ve taken a reading we’re not.”

“It is working isn’t it?”

“It seems to be. One-Five-Eight, so that’s Five, or One-Five Nine, or Six?”



No 5 (Light)

‘The Logos of creation in whom all things were created can be nothing other than divine wisdom. Thus it is that wisdom is eternal, for it precedes every beginning and all created reality.’

– Nicolas of Cusa


“Ha ha ha! Eternal Wisdom on our way to meet a Druid, I like that.”

“It does seem to be having some fun with us. So what’s the shadow side?”


No 6 (Dark)

‘Humanity will find that it is not a diversity of creeds, but the very same creed which is everywhere proposed. There cannot but be one wisdom. If it were possible to have many wisdoms these would have to be from one; for before any plurality exists there must first be unity. Humans must therefore all agree that there is but one most simple wisdom whose power is infinite; and everyone, in explaining the intensity of this beauty, must discover that it is a supreme and terrible beauty.’

-Nicolas of Cusa


“Spoken like a true Druid.”

“Three-Zero minutes this way, according to the book.”…



Nine-Zero minutes later…

“We’re going to be late.”

“We’ll have to skip drinks and meet them at the restaurant.”

“At least we found the Druid.”



“So now we’ve found him, what does he have to say for himself?”

“One-Six-Four, so Two or, One-Six-Five, Three?”


No 3 (Light)

‘It is necessary for one who wants to attain understanding to raise the intellect above the meaning of words rather than to insist upon their properties which, in any case, cannot be properly adapted to such great mindful mysteries.

Intellectual knowledge, alone and unaided,

desires and exaggerates

the victory of words

and it is far from that

to God

who is our peace.’

– Nicolas of Cusa


“Cusa, again, he seems to have an affinity with this place.”

“One can hardly blame him.”



“It’s a nice spot for a circle, and there’s a smaller five stone ring further down.”

“Let’s do the shadow reading from there.”


No 2 (Dark)

‘The relationship of our intellect to the truth is like that of a polygon to a circle: the resemblance to the circle grows with the multiplication of the angles of the polygon; but short of the polygon actually becoming a circle, no multiplication of its angles, even if it were infinite would make the polygon equal to the circle. It is therefore clear that all we know of truth is that the Absolute Truth, as it is, is beyond our grasp. The more mindfully we learn this lesson of ignorance, the closer we will draw to truth itself.’

– Nicolas of Cusa


“It’s not possible.”

“What’s not possible?”

“To move from an excessively peaceful stone circle where a randomly chosen reading speaks of peace, and then move to a collection of stones arranged in a polygon and get a reading that talks about the relationship between a circle and a polygon.”

“It does seem a bit odd.”

“A bit odd?”

“At least we now know it is definitely working.”

“Next stop Borth-Y-Gest.”



to be continued…



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