A Bibliomantic Tale II…


Llandudno Bay: the Great Orme.


Tee minus Two-Four hours and counting…

No 3

‘The greatest religious and moral truth to which man must grow is that we cannot be saved individually. My salvation presupposes the salvation of others also, the salvation of my neighbour, it presupposes universal salvation, the salvation of the whole world, the transfiguration of the world. The very idea of salvation arises from the oppressed condition of man; and it is associated with a forensic conception of Christianity. This ought to be replaced by the idea of creative transformation and enlightenment, by the idea of perfecting all life. “Behold, I make all things new.” It is not only God that makes all things new, it is man too.’

– Nicolas Berdyaev


“The prefix ‘Llan’ in a Welsh place name means sacred.”

“So what was sacred about Llandudno?”

“St Tudno dwelt here.”

“And before that?”

“Before that it was the two Ormes, although they wouldn’t have been known as Ormes then. The Vikings named them from the sea. One finds ‘Great’ and ‘Little’ in place names too.”

“If Summer is ‘Big Sun’ and Winter is ‘Small Sun’ then, Summer is also ‘Small Earth’ and Winter is ‘Big Earth’.

“Why are we only using one quotation?”

“Because only one was chosen.”




Brown Rabbit was back.

“…The chosen quotation is the light reading. The non-chosen is the dark. Both are valid but for completely different reasons. The light reading is what can be seen in a given situation, the dark is what has to be intuited.”


No 2

‘The greatest error of which historical Christianity is guilty is due to the circumscribing and deadening notion that revelation is finished and that there is nothing more to be expected, that the structure of the Church has been completely built and that the roof has been put on it. Religious controversy is essentially concerned with the problem of the possibility of a new revelation and of a new spiritual era. All other questions are of secondary importance… The revelation of the Spirit cannot be simply waited for; it depends also upon the creative activity of man; it cannot be understood simply as a new revelation of God to man; it is also a revelation of man to God. This means that it will be a divine-human revelation.’

– Nicolas Berdyaev


Llandudno Bay: the Little Orme.


to be continued…


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