An open mind

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“You’ve got problems, you know that?”

I just looked at him… the usual answer was superfluous; he knows it well enough by now.

“I was just thinking those exact words. How could you know?”

It was the third such incident in two hours.

The only thing that surprises me there is that there is still any surprise.

“It runs in the family…”

Which is true. Only a day or two before we had been discussing an incident where we had, for once, been able to quantify the odds against such randomness occurring to one in a hundred. Some are even more improbable, but this one we had been able to pin down to actual numbers.

‘Freaky’ he’d called it.

It happens often, particularly between the two brothers… and mum’s mind-reading ability was all too well known to her teenage sons; most mothers have the power to confound a guilty conscience, a talent born of long habit and intimate knowledge of her children and, drawing upon her own unforgotten youth, the kinds of things they are likely to get up to.

Personally, I think the frequency and accuracy of this mind-reading, particularly between my sons who take it to the outer limits of randomness, qualifies the phenomenon as telepathy, but before you decide that I’ve completely lost the plot, I don’t think there is anything weird or unnatural about that.

I think upbringing has a lot to do with it. If you are raised in a household full of artists, it is likely you will pick up a paintbrush at some point. A house full of well-read books will produce a child who is likely to read. If a child is taught that the earth is flat and all around him believe it to be true, he is unlikely to accept the idea that the earth might be round. Raise a child in a place where nothing is seen as impossible and nothing will seem impossible… just improbable. The mind is left open to possibility.

It is a common thing for those who know each other well to be able to finish each other’s sentences or anticipate them. Body language and minute shifts in expression, too small to register with the conscious mind, build up a silent vocabulary of communication that, with long association, we learn to read. You see it often in couples who have been together for decades.

Hyper-vigilance is a state of alert, usually in response to traumatic events, where the senses are engaged to an acute and extreme degree to scan for potential danger. The term is used in psychology to denote a particular and pathological negative state of alertness, but I have wondered if this same hyper-awareness need always be negative and if it might not be at the root of many instances of psychic ability. If you consider that animals can read and react to our emotions and to danger signals in an instant and without words, perhaps this hyper-alert state of the senses is something humans have always had as part of the armoury of survival but which has, for the most part, been trained out of use for lack of need.

Being ‘on the same wavelength’ as someone makes being aware of them easier. You are ‘tuned in’ to each other and the thoughts of one mind are not foreign to the other. I think it goes further than that though and ‘being in tune’ may be a more accurate description than we think. We know that thoughts can be traced as electrical impulses, even directed and used in a brain-computer interface. The technology is already with us and has the potential to change the lives of many. What if being in harmony with someone is more than just an expression and we can literally be ‘on the same wavelength? It isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility that the human race has a potential either lost through disuse or simply untapped.

I am, as a rule, pretty sceptical of claims of psychism, yet the word ‘psychic’ is defined as ‘relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws’ or ‘relating to the soul or mind’. I am of the opinion that all genuine instances of psychism… and there is a long history of both deliberate fraud and misguided belief in this area… do conform to natural laws… but perhaps we haven’t understood them all yet.

The human brain is an incredible ‘organic machine’. The human mind is capable of things we have barely begun to understand. Apparent telepathy may be one of them. I have only to see my sons in action to know that I have more questions than concrete answers, and that for me it is enough to keep an open mind.

4 thoughts on “An open mind

  1. I totally agree with this. Up to a point, what we call psychic ability can be letting the mind work itself, to collect a series of nonverbal cues and either by process of elimination or focusing on context the mind can interpret them, in a split second. And yet… there are still things this can’t explain. It’s all wonderful.

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