Spirit Animals by Running Elk

One thought on “Spirit Animals by Running Elk

  1. I love the passion in this post. I was immediately attracted to it because of its title; I recently undertook a journey of meditation, seeking my spirit animal. It was very difficult for me, and I felt like the more I looked the less I found. It was only when I let go and gave in to the moment that I was able to see my spirit animal: the panther.
    Also, I appreciate the dedication to history in the post by pointing out the significance of the Neolithic era, and how the changes our species went through at that time still has an affect on us today. Like you said, let’s thank our ancient ancestors for the invention of work! I’ve been contemplating a post on the significance of that era as well, and reading your post has filled me with inspiration and creativity.
    I really just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the great read. Looking forward to more posts in the future!

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