Flight of the Seer VII…


Given our quiet revolution, it was heartening that so many of the Companions stayed on after the workshop to play out in the landscape.

The feeling was that many others would have too had not circumstances dictated otherwise.

For those who could not there is always one of the Living Land workshops which we offer at intervals throughout the course of the year.

So, seven of us set out for the Raven’s Nest. The very heartland of our ‘imaginary piece’ for the workshop.

One, we left as anchor in the dappled sunlight of the trees that skirt the edge of the High Moor.

The Spirit Stone saw to the rest… sending us off in all directions and then drawing us back, one by one, each in our own way…

As is meet.

It is still difficult to see anything other than what was first seen over nine years ago now…

Heartening, also, that others could see it too.

There is a rhythm to these sites.

An unwritten, unspoken, inner core of subtle reciprocity which partakes of gradual revelation…

And only ‘if’…

Perhaps, because of our work over the weekend, or at other times here…

Perhaps, for reasons unfathomable, or more prosaic, the area beyond the circle, such as as it is, this time opened up and allowed, at least some of us, entry…

Depending upon how far back the name goes…

‘Hordron’ certainly has an ancient ring to it, and it has caused us more than a few headaches in the past…

In the old nomenclature, then, ‘A Stone’ may simply designate a ‘place of power’.

We have known for a long time that the seven were in fact (at least) nine, so that ‘The Seven Stones’ may always have been… Seven Sites?

That should keep us occupied, for awhile…



Photos – Running Elk

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