Solstice of the Moon – a Silent Eye Event in Scotland

Maiden, Mother, Crone
Solstice of the Moon


Inverurie, Scotland
15th-17th September 2017

2The gently undulating and fertile landscape between the foothills of the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea proved an attractive place to settle for the early Neolithic peoples colonising the furthest reaches of the British Isles. Nowhere else contains a greater concentration of late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age remains; from the earliest recorded flint mines, through numerous burial mounds and cairns, to the highest density of stone circles in the country.

Yet, there is a mystery. Unique to the area, with the exception of a few examples in the South West of Ireland, the circles of the region are exclusively of the “recumbent” type; a form largely intended for monitoring the “solstices” of the moon, more 3-copycommonly referred to as the lunar standstill, with specific interest in the major lunar standstill which occurs in an 18.5 year cycle.

Join us in the heartland of the Picts, for a weekend of discovery and exploration of the enigmatic astronomical sites created by their Neolithic forefathers, and the equally enigmatic rock art they themselves left behind.

4-copyThe weekend will consist of three days exploration of local sites in and around the market town of Inverurie, in the beautiful Don valley, Aberdeenshire.

The weekend is informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

Workshop costs £50 per person. Accomodation and meals are not included and bed and breakfast/hotel in Inverurie should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals.

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17 thoughts on “Solstice of the Moon – a Silent Eye Event in Scotland

  1. This sounds amazing! I’ve often visited the stone circle near us on Arran, and the sense of thousands of years of …something… important here is overwhelming. But I’ve been frustrated that there is so little information available about it. It would be fantastic to learn more.

    Couple of questions: are dogs allowed? And how much walking is involved?

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    1. Ooh, that sounds hopeful! It would be amazing if you came along 🙂

      I can guarantee some serious information and exploratio here… as well as a lot of discussion on the hoof and round the table. 🙂

      There will be minimal amounts of walking on this one, Barb. All the sites are very accessible and I see no reason why your dog could not come along too (although sadly Ani will be staying with her friends, simply because of some of the other places we have to go on the way there and back).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds wonderful. I just need to check the grandchild calendar to make sure there aren’t any visit conflicts, and then I’ll fill out the reservation sheet. Can’t wait!

        Liked by 1 person

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