Harvest of Being 2015: Ilkley Moor…

Ilkwknd 193


“Tell me,” said Joshua, “why is that
person carrying a lamb to the city ?”

Judas Thomas said, “so that he may kill it and eat it.”

Joshua said, “whoever has come to know the world has
discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a
carcass, of that person the world is not worthy.

Damn the soul that depends on the flesh.
Damn the flesh that depends on the soul.

How miserable is the body that depends on these two ?

Together they are like a dog in a cattle manger,
where neither the dog nor the cattle can eat hay.

During the days when you eat what is dead you make
it alive, but when you are in the light, where the dead are
not alive and the living will not die, what will you do ?

If the body came into being because of the spirit then
it is a marvel: if the spirit came into being because
of the body then it is a marvel of marvels; I marvel
that such great wealth dwells in so much poverty.

Cursed be the man who eats a lion
that the lion becomes human.

Blessed be the lion that eats a man
when the lion becomes human.”

The Living One

Ilkwknd 198

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