sparrows 010

The honeysuckle hedge has got a little overgrown,
The roses have gone loopy and the lawn has not been mown,

sparrows 003
Valerian is sprouting out of every nook and cranny…
And in amongst the detritus of summer, you’ll find Ani…

sparrows 0071
I haven’t done the jobs I should; the garden is a rare mess,
But given all the residents, I really couldn’t care less!

sparrows 005
There’s butterflies and honey bees and hedgehogs in the border,
A colony of sparrows for the dog to keep in order…

sparrows 006
They chirp from daybreak through to dusk, and squabble in the hedging,
And are a sheer delight to watch from nestling through to fledging.

P10003041The weeds grow wild and fast… the garden couldn’t be much fuller,
But why would I complain when it’s ablaze with life and colour?


sparrows 012

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