Flight of the Seer…


It has become traditional before our April Workshop, in Derbyshire, to climb to the highest point in the area and to quietly contemplate the prospective unfolding of our combined vision as we compose ourselves before the whirl of activity which inevitably attends these events.

This year was no exception so, as bodies in space from across the globe hurtled towards our annual rendevous with The Nightingale, we quietly sipped our coffees and mulled over our hopes for the weekend.

In one sense the Feathered Seer represents the culmination of a four year adventure within the landscape of Derbyshire which began one cold and rainy October day upon a windswept moor.

That journey, already chronicled in our books had now also found expression as a workshop designed to attune with the innermost heart of the living land.

As always we were to be aided in our quest by a sensational set of people who are well used to throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the wildest of endeavours and happily reaping the combined benefits of their efforts.

This years event proved to be both wild and full of heart yet we knew nothing of this as we gazed out over the high moors after our coffee.

Away in the distance could be faintly discerned one of the sites which, for better or worse, we had chosen to explore during the weekend…


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