Going green…

Green Man by www.rainewalker.com
Green Man by www.rainewalker.com

Over the past few weeks strange articles have begun to appear around the house. Arcane artefacts that belong, if not to another time, then to another world… a place of myth and magic. Fragments of shimmering fabrics litter the workroom and words are woven into a tapestry of light and shadow…

Stories read by lamplight and carried into dream tell of the court of King Arthur and the quest for the answer to a riddle… And through it all, the leafy face of the Foliate Man looks on…

Stu Fox 103

April is a season away, not long as the moon turns, a mere breath of the year… there is much to do. As spring comes to the hills, the Knights and their Ladies will gather once more at the Table Round…

But there are places still for valiant hearts to join the quest…

… and strange beasts waiting in the shadows with flaming brands…

Will you dare to join the quest?

Book Now for Leaf and Flame: The Foliate Man

A  residential weekend workshop with The Silent Eye

Derbyshire, April 2016

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