Beyond The Winter

(Above: Lake Windermere, all ten miles of it)

It’s at this time of year, when the nights are long and the days short and getting shorter, that we turn our attention to a what could unfold in the spring – in the form of the Silent Eye’s May workshop. The idea is one thing, the success lies in giving it form and substance… and making sure that everyone there feels a creative part of it.

There is something about the month of May… Just the sound of it is romantic. It’s the kind of month that demands we do something different; that we cast off the inward-looking considerations of the winter, and perhaps say that last goodbye to the crackling of the log-fires in the hearth.

We used to hold our first weekend of the year in March or April, depending on the date of Easter – which we had to avoid. But May offers a very different energy – and perhaps a degree of warmth and colour lacking in the months before it.

This past year, we celebrated the May 2022 weekend – and the relative freedom from Covid – with ‘The Journey of the Hero’, using the north Lakes town of Keswick as our base. Our adventures took us along the ridges of hills, down a long river walk in the Eden Valley, and deeply into ourselves within the Castlerigg Stone Circle.

This coming May, we have chosen a different theme – Water, and its associations with our emotional natures. Our name for the weekend of 19-21 May, 2023 is ‘Water, Circle, Cross – a rite of Spring

This time we are basing our journeys around the massive body of water that is Lake Windermere; England’s largest lake, as we set off on a spiritual journey across its vastness, along the paths over its neighbouring fells, and a modest degree of merriment in the twin towns of Bowness and Ambleside.

‘Body of Water’ is our theme…

We will explore our spiritual relationship with water, the alchemical element that is most associated with the emotions, and ask whether we can use its healing power. At a time of great tension on the planet, we will carry out a series of guided sailings and walks that attune us to the vast power of harmonisation we all carry – in the water of our cells.

The inner journey, from self to Self, is one of personal discovery. No-one can gift that journey, but you can gift it to yourself.

(Above: There are many hidden faces to Windermere. The Romans came this way…)

The group will use a method of ‘characterisation’ to move from one state and landscape to another. Each participant will be asked to form a fictional character in their minds and hearts; a persona of great power and insight. At various stages of land and lake, we will enact a developing rite that explores and unites this body of ‘players’ into a working group…all leading to the powerful and healing finale on the Sunday morning.

Our personal rite will take the form of a Solarace – a set of movements and gestures that take place entirely within the space of the body. This mysterious and ancient technique has calming and focussing properties that will serve us well in our individual and collective quest.

No experience is necessary. We will all learn, together, by doing…

The central meeting point will be the lovely lakeside town of Bowness. Rail connections are available to the nearby town of Windermere, two miles up the hill from the Lake.

The administration cost will be £75.00, but additional monies should be set aside for a ferry pass to cover the weekend. We will notify the 2023 cost of these tickets nearer the time.

(Above: and much to tempt the palette…)

Those joining us are responsible for their own accommodation costs, meals, and transportation.

We will meet at the ferry point in Bowness on the Friday lunchtime. Attendees may join later if needed. Friday evening will see us having a shared dinner in Bowness.

The workshop will run through to Sunday lunch, allowing early departure for return journey.

(Above: and the lakeside fells are never far away. Our journeys won’t all be by water…)

If you’ve never been on one of our weekends, you will be doubly welcome. Those who have joined us, before, will testify to the quality, fun and happy intensity of these Silent Eye workshops.

Contact us at: to book your place.

©Stephen Tanham 2022

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

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