Aye of the Unicorn…

Silent Eye Workshop – Summer 2019 – Scotland…

Image result for Alchemical unicorn

‘Within the Forest of the Work are found

the Twin Natures, Mercury the Stag and Sulphur the Unicorn.’

The Philosophers Stone – Lambsprinck, 1625


With almost prescient clarity

we commenced our summer workshop in a graveyard!


Except, not quite, for before we entered the graveyard,

we stood by the swiftly flowing waters of the river Spey

and entered into a guided meditation.


The Unicorn of Spirit

sailed down the Spey

disembarked from its boat,

and invited us all astride its back

for a tour of the elements…


Unsurprisingly then,

our first pentagram was that of Spirit,

which could be called the ‘parent’ of the elements.


Have the bodies buried in the earth,

hereabouts, had their constituent parts

returned to spirit?


One might well hope so!


In Macbeth, the Bard uses the three witches

to represent the spiritual realm.


As with a lot of things he wrote

this is simultaneously;

a joke,

a reflection of characterised psychology,

and can also allude to something far deeper…


We all enjoyed ‘hamming up’ the witches

as we are meant to.


Does the feminine aspect of the spirit appear

‘bearded’ to those with purely political ambition?


Whatever our perceptions,

this realm moves and motivates all…


3 thoughts on “Aye of the Unicorn…

  1. Stuart, maybe the Bard’s three witches balance out the the three wise men in the bible. It is funny, when my mother made us go to Vacation Bible School during the summer, the answer to any arithmetic question seemed to be three, six, twelve or forty. If you did not know the answer, these four numbers provided your guesses. Keith

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