Days of Sky

When days roll, heavy hearted, by

And dusk has turned a darker hue

Where breathing’s choked and not so free

I rest my back on bark of old ash tree

And whisper words into electric blue

Discovering solace in the sky

©Stephen Tanham

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being.

7 thoughts on “Days of Sky

      1. Steve, I was not, but I am fascinated how starry the skies are away from the city lights. My father was in the Navy on an air craft carrier during the Korean Conflict. How about you? Keith

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        1. I bet your father had many a story. Such huge ships – floating cities! My father had a small sailing cruiser (20ft, 4 berth… cramped, but wonderful! And we’d spend weekends and short holidays on (Lake) Ullswater… including freezing Easters.


          1. Steve, that sounds like fun. Two quick stories. First, the 25 second shower meant you got that many seconds of water. You rinsed off in five seconds, turned the nozzle off, soaped up and the rinsed off the suds in twenty seconds. Second, each sailor was allowed some room to stow and bring home souvenirs. My father brought home china and a beautiful Japanese cherry wood salad bowl set. We still have them after they passed away. Keith

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