Seeking a light…

Rites of Passage: Seeing beyond Fear

A weekend with the Silent Eye

Derbyshire, UK

Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September 2019

Beyond the serene beauty of the Derbyshire Dales, old stories cast shadows across the landscape. From the veiled rites of prehistory to folklore, from legend to history, we listen with a shiver to tales of another time and place… and yet, the fears faced within these stories still echo our own.

Fear gets a bad press. It is almost always portrayed as a negative emotion, an uncontrolled reaction to the events and circumstances of our lives. When we allow fear to rule us, that can be an accurate description. It can be paralysing, preventing us from following our dreams and embracing the possibilities life offers. And yet, fear helps keep us safe and alive; without fear, we would not step away from danger or take our hand away from the flame.

Without fear, how could we know courage? Bravery is not born from the absence of fear, but from acting in spite of fear… learning how to turn a negative to a positive. Without fear, would we be able to make those choices that serve a greater purpose than our own need?

Is there more to this unseen and often unspoken emotion than meets the eye? How have our ancestors addressed such fears across the centuries? Can we learn from the past a way to see beyond our own fears to a future lit by serenity and hope?

Join us on Friday the thirteenth of September, 2019, in the ancient landscape of Derbyshire as we explore how to lay our personal gremlins to rest.

Based in the landscape around Tideswell, Bakewell and beyond, this weekend will entail some relatively easy walking on moorland paths.

The weekend runs from Friday afternoon to early Sunday afternoon, and costs £50 per person. Meals and accomodation are not included and should be booked separately by all attendees. Meals are often taken together at a convenient pub or cafe.

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7 thoughts on “Seeking a light…

  1. I really LOVE this event and the other one that I just read also. So amazing that you can continually come up with new and exciting things for us to delve into about the human psyche.

    Some time back I wrote an article because I got to thinking about the Boogeyman, and wondering where he came from in my life. I called it “Summoning Forth the Boogeyman” and I remembered in my own life how no one told me initially about the Boogeyman. I don’t know how I even learned about him, but it seems like it was always a he, and he was some sort of scary monster waiting to get me under my bed, or perhaps in the closet, or behind the curtains or some clothing hanging up somewhere. I can’t even think what he looked like, but he was a very scary fellow. I, like many other children, lived with the boogeyman for years until one day I just went to bed and didn’t look for the Boogeyman anymore. It occurred to me as I thought of your writing about the event that this was the way we learned to perhaps feel empowered. We just one day had grown up and no longer needed to be afraid of the boogeyman anymore.

    And yet, at different times in our lives, it seems like the Boogeyman returns, sometimes even in the daytime in totally familiar places. So I imagine that this event will be totally wonderful and that people will learn why monsters like the Boogeyman are so appealing to us in such an odd way. I know the event will be a lot deeper and more interesting than this, but it just made me think I wish I could be at the event. Even as a senior, I still have Boogeymen to conquer. . .


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