Next stop, Scotland…

It seems incredible that it is almost two years since we were last far in the north, exploring ancient circles and carved stones and drinking in the beauty of the Northeast Scotland and the Highlands. It seems almost as incredible that we will soon be there again, exploring the landscape and once again in the company of friends. Our next workshop, organised in conjunction with Lodge Unicorn na h’Alba, is calling us northwards.

It is crucial to have local knowledge when holding a workshop and we would usually make a special trip to research the sites for ourselves. This time, though, we have a guide who lives in the area and knows it well.

We have recently seen the list of places where we will be going and the journey will be a magical one. It will take us from castles to holy wells, from churches to beaches and from lonely stones to stone circles… and who knows what else we will find on the journey? One glance at the map of ancient sites in the area shows that we would need weeks to explore properly… but time, on these weekends, has a habit of allowing us to do more than the hours at our disposal should allow.

There are other reasons to look forward to this workshop though. Not only do we get the chance to spend time with folk we too seldom see, we will also get to work with them and learn from them. We may meet people from other traditions and who work in ways different from our own, but all magical and mystical roads lead to the same Centre and the more we know of the paths others have chosen, the more we can hope to understand those who walk them and, in so doing, the more we can hope to learn about ourselves.

Knowledge is only a small step towards understanding. Until you taste the salt spray on your lips, the sea is no more than a body of water. Until you stand within a circle of stones, they are no more than an archaeological curiosity. Until its magic touches your heart, even beauty is no more than an idea. Knowledge needs experience to bring it to life… and that is what these weekends in the landscape can offer.

Wheels are in motion… and Scotland is our next stop…



The Silent Unicorn

The Silent Eye and Lodge Unicorn na h’Alba

The Unicorn is an iconic spiritual symbol in the British Isles and particularly in Scotland. We will use the power of the elements and spirit of the unicorn to create your own Silent Unicorn within, culminating at the old hidden seminary at Scalan in the remote Braes of Glenlivet.

Dates:  Weekend  Friday 14th – Sunday 16th June, 2019

Location:  Based in Grantown–on–Spey and area

Cost: Workshop costs £50 per person. Meals and accomodation are not included and should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals.


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