The Dancer ~ Jordis Fasheh

Jordis Fasheh is a Companion of the Silent Eye. When we brought the School to birth at our very first April workshop, Jordis was the first to walk through the portal and has been held in our hearts ever since.

At the Jewel in the Claw workshop, Jordis embodied the role of Lady Rab’ya El Anouri, a Sufi mystic with a dancing soul. Inspired by her experience of that role and by one of the meditations in the course, she wrote a poem to capture where she is now. Jordis writes, “My studies with The Silent Eye; Steve, Sue, Stuart and all our lovely companions have had a profound and positive impact on my being present, alive and at one with Who I Am.”

I asked her permission to share her poem here.

Image~ Jordis Fasheh

The Dancer

moment within moment
ever present,
breath within breath,
with ever evolving joy in being

spiraling within and without
an atom’s core,
center of all things,
yet of nothingness

with one, yet divisible,
distinct, yet eternal,
she swirls in arcs,
the Sun,

weaving a fabric of light,
with no beginning nor end,

as divinity’s expression,
eternal bliss

Jordis Fasheh

15 thoughts on “The Dancer ~ Jordis Fasheh

  1. Thank you, Sue. It has been truly an inspiration learning with The Silent Eye and all the companions. We learn, cry, laugh, grow and have fun together. The most moving studies that I have ever engaged in.
    Love, Jordis

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    1. I feel the same way, Jordis. It is as though I have gotten an extra eye on the world, and the ability to see things I have never seen or known before. I think it feels as though I am living in a strange new world. I really love it too! Thanks to all of you for making it possible.

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