The Unseen Sea – 2: Kiss of the Planets

Luca-scarabAA Basis NumTwo

Part Two of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram

LUCA didn’t know it back then, but her birth as the all-mother of organic life on Earth was witnessed by the entire solar system. The ‘positive’ energy behind life, a higher variant of light as we know it, and relayed by the Sun, began its spiral into the Earth, in an arc that took in the seven planets that were visible to the ‘ancients’. There were no ancients as we now think of them, of course, four billion years ago, but later, much later, they would come to be aware of a remarkable signature in the night sky.

The day sky was dominated by the life-affirming Sun, later identified as the centre of the harmonic system that contained the Earth as only one of its children.

In the warm womb of the deep ocean trench, Luca’s struggle for sustainable life was kissed with fire from the watery birthing-chamber of the deep ocean ridge – the place below which two of the Earth’s giant plates were colliding with a resulting volcanic outpouring – the energy of the Sun within the Earth.

But her elements – the ‘negative, receiving’ aspects of life – the physical chemistry that enabled something beyond the heat to instil life into Luca’s form – were kissed by something else. The night sky contained the signature of a circle of forces – a circle like a clock face with seven different energies, corresponding to the visible planets: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon – and in that order.

Thus, the entire ‘Solar System’ became involved with the beginning of physical life on the Earth, and has been so ever since. The later discovery of the outer (non-visible) planets served to identify forces that worked on a ‘generational’ level, rather than a predominantly personal one.

Later, in the time of Pythagoras, these energies from the seven visible planets became identified with the musical scale, in the shape of the notes G, C, F, B, E, A, D. This repeating cycle began the days of LUCA’s life – and that rhythm has continued, and will continue, for as long as there is life on Earth. The properties of these ‘harmonic’ energies were therefore intimately interwoven with everything that life (LUCA) felt and did on earth from then on.

These energies are part of the circumference of the circle that is the enneagram, as we shall see in the next post, and they are the key to why the enneagram is so effective for self-change, if we have the real will to undertake such a task…

LUCA’s earliest experiences, for she could now, albeit very primitively, experience her own being as separate from that which surrounded her, had become enclosed in a combination of shell and rhythm. The proto-cell was born… and the days of her life were being counted.

End Part Two.

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26 thoughts on “The Unseen Sea – 2: Kiss of the Planets

  1. Simple, easy flowing,spiralling straight,no magic was, or was intended,but alas only through and by the magical journey do we return to the simple,easy flowing,spiralling straght simplicity,danke schoen lieber Bruder.

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