Twenty ( or so) Questions – 2

The second of three posts answering some of the questions we are asked  regularly about the Silent Eye, its methods of teaching and our workshops. While we have tried to address as many as we could think of across our website, some are seldom voiced for fear of giving offence, saying the wrong thing and a number of other reasons. We thought we would answer some of those too. Three of us run the Silent Eye, all three of us will answer… as every pair of eyes, each heart and mind sees things a little differently.


Next to answer is Stuart France.

If YOU have any questions for us, please leave a comment and we will answer!

1. Are you a religious organisation?
Not in the traditional sense of that term. We do though provide our ‘Companions’ with techniques which enable them to connect or re-connect to that being in which we all have our being…

2. Are you an occult group?
We are not exactly hidden, although again part of our teaching programme involves encouraging those who join the School to seek out things which may be hidden to most people.

3. What exactly is a Mystery School?
The Mystery Schools stretch back to Egyptian times and were specifically designed to provide that sense of wholeness and belonging in a strange but wonderful world which many people appear to lack today.

4. How is the Silent Eye any different from all the other groups?
We use a combination of teaching techniques drawn from different areas of the Western Mystery Tradition and utilise the latest insights of psychology to provide a unique approach to the perennial questions of existence.

5. What is the Enneagram… just a corporate personality test, right?
It can be used as such but it can also be used as a map which allows us to journey back to the source of our real selves.

6. Why is it that some people don’t people like Gurdjieff?
It is probably a perspective thing. We don’t particularly like the dentist when he is drilling our tooth. He turns out to be quite a special chap though…

7. Where is your School?
It is everywhere and nowhere.

8. What kind of people are in your School?
People of all ages, cultures, and walks of life, although they probably do have things in common like a strong sense of individual identity, a desire to know for themselves and the aspiration to be the best that they can be.

9. What will the course do for me?
It will awaken you to your true being.

10. Why should I join a School anyway?
It is not necessary but it helps to be amongst others on a similar journey.

11. Do I have to have a background of study in any area before I join?
No. You may want to cultivate such interests after you have joined though.

12. The lessons are £15 a month… so what are the hidden costs?
There are few hidden monetary costs unless you want to experience one of our workshops. The cost to your personality will be far outstripped by the gains.

13. What sort of events are there?
We offer workshops, talks and solstice gatherings usually in sacred places. There is also a rapidly expanding library of works by Silent Eye Authors.

14. So, you are just playacting?
The ritual dramas of the workshops involve role play but the content of the dramas and the ritual setting mean that all those who participate are involved in something far deeper and more spiritually rewarding than mere ‘play-acting’.

15. Do I have to come to workshops if I join the School?
The workshops are optional. We hope you will want to experience a workshop if you join the school.

16. If I come to one of your workshops, do I have to be a member of the School …and will you try and get me to join?
The workshops are open to all and there is no expectation or pressure to join the school.

17. Do you wear robes and if so, why?
Robes are optional but are encouraged for those who wish to wear them as a means of getting into character and of lifting the activities out of the mundane.

18. Are there any local groups?
There is currently one local group in the Manchester/Stockport area. We hope there will soon be more.

19. How long does the course last?
Three years if you stick rigidly to the time-table. Most people will take longer to complete the three ‘degrees’.

20. Do I have to commit to the full course?
No, you initially commit to the first three months and thereafter you take the lessons on a month by month basis.

21. What happens next?
You sign on the dotted line…

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