The Silent Eye Healing Circle

Healing Circle Guided Meditation

The sun is rising…

Before you is a level plain, a waving grassland, crossed by a narrow path. The grasses are kissed by the golden rays.

In the middle of the plain is a raised hill with a flat top. On the hill you can see what looks like a small temple. You walk along the path towards the temple with a sense of expectation. Each step adds more of the positive energy to your journey.

Soon you are climbing the wide, wooden steps to the raised surface. There is a gap in the temple’s walls and you look through. A Priest, sitting at a beautiful oval table, shaped like an eye, beckons you to join him. As you walk into the temple, you see that there is also a Priestess seated at the opposite end of the oval table. Each occupies a cutout, carved, perfectly into the curving ‘v’ shape of the table’s ends.

As you approach the centre of the temple, the priest stands to welcome you. He asks you to take his seat and shows you a slip of shimmering paper flecked with gold. He offers you a beautiful antique ink-pen and asks you to write your name on the paper. In your visualisation, you watch as your signature forms on the parchment.

“Have you come to give, or receive healing?” he asks. Again, he points to the paper and you write one of the words GIVE or RECEIVE beneath your signature.

The Priest directs you to stand and take the parchment to the Priestess, who rises to greet you. She directs you to sit in her chair, then opens her palm, saying, “Lay the paper on my hand.” You do so and the second that her skin and the paper meet, a myriad of small flames engulf the paper, which curls into a burning cylinder and then dissolves into a thousand motes of golden light, each flying gently upwards to join what you now see is a slowly revolving picture of a galaxy, where the stars and star systems are the burning motes of the history of the Earth’s healing.

The Priestess smiles and offers you her hands, from which all the motes of golden light have flown. She turns you to face the outer walls of the temple, and you see, for the first time, that the ‘pillars’ are in fact people – each one cloaked, hooded and veiled. The Priestess turns you around so that you have completed a circle. You face her.

“There are seven of these planetary healers,” she says. “Though you cannot see their faces, they KNOW you. Walk, clockwise, around the circle until you find an energy that matches your intentions, here.”

The Priest rises to take you to the first of the Planetary Healers, standing, just left of the entrance where you entered the temple. Beneath the flowing robes you cannot tell whether they are male or female, but you can feel the radiated love directed at you.

You approach the figure. Immediately, you begin to feel the energies of Mars.

“Absorb the energies of each, then, the second time around, rest by the one that matches your needs,” says the Priest.

In turn, he escorts you, after the figure embodying the Mars energy, to the Planetary Healers of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun and Moon. At the end of the circle, and, once more by the entrance, they Priest speaks, inviting you to take a further circuit and rest at the place you have chosen. You may take rest and healing in more than one place if you wish, but each time move clockwise to the next.

Your time with the Planetary Healers may be spent in taking healing or giving it, but you should not mix the two in a single visit to the Healing Circle.

When you have completed your time in the circle, you return, clockwise, to the Priestess, holding her eyes and conveying, silently, what you have experienced. After this, the Priest will escort you out of the temple and down the wooden steps.

Your way across the soft grasslands is marked by two rows of flaming torches. At the end of the grasslands lies the start of your regular world of experience, to which you return.

This ritual experience is designed so that you may take from or add to the energies of the Silent Eye’s Healing Circle. It is open to all, at all times of the day or night. The officers of the Silent Eye, and others taking part, regularly re-charge the Healing Circle. You may wish to add to this energy, and we thank you for doing so.

The Silent Eye’s Healing Circle is available anywhere in the world at all times apart from the period 14:00 – 15:00 GMT, when our own High Priestess performs a weekly closing down and re-opening ritual. During that time, we ask you not to enter.

These instructions may be freely copied and distributed as long as the content is retained in its entirety.

Thank you for participating in our work.