Teaching – About the Silent Eye, the course and methods.

We are beings with a twin perspective. We think of ourselves as having an ‘in-here’ – a subjective, experiential world, with which we are very intimate; and an ‘out-there’ – an objective world which we get to know by a lifetime of personal exploration. Between these two, a sense of Self develops, whose growth is driven by how much we can reflect ourselves back from our objective world and get the answer to the question we ask all our lives – “who am I?” Because we live in a world that is outward-focussed, we feed this question about ourselves with experience from the objective or outer streams. The inner consideration, the developing sense of real Self, becomes neglected as the outer picture comes to dominate. As we mature towards adulthood, that outer view becomes more and more fixed and limited by the beliefs we have about our world. Some of these beliefs are our own, but most were given us by our parents and the society in which we were educated, and whose expectations we are under great pressure to fulfil.

The developing sense of Identity is called Ego in psychology, but we can, just as easily, think of it as Personality. We need a strong personality to function in the society in which we must survive. But an identity built entirely of outward reflections will lock us into a false relationship with a very powerful world, which is waiting to help us with every breath we take . . .

At the Turning Point, the personal inner being reaches out into the world
created by the Ego/Personality and calls it Home . . . the call can
be heeded or avoided, the choice is ours.

When a person feels a true spiritual call in their lives  – what we call the Turning Point –  it is because they are having a spontaneous glimpse of the differences between the essence-self, which accompanied their birth and saw things exactly as they are; and the cloudy lens that is the result of the growth of their ego/personality, which sees things twisted by this darkened glass in a way that comes to have its own, predictable pattern.

Esoteric psychology recognises a fixed number of emergent patterns of this ‘twisting’. We all have one of Nine perspectives on our worlds. The Silent Eye School uses the nine-pointed Enneagram to help us decode our present state – and the way back to seeing our true relationship with the Universe and therefore, the way home.

The Silent Eye School uses its own versions of the Enneagram
to help everyone find the truth about their lives – and their spiritual potential

Through loving and gentle investigation into our own subjective and objective states, we learn our true relationship to the world in which we live and move and have our being. At its simplest, this is our own world. The Silent Eye exists to help people on this journey and is a not-for-profit organisation. We use a combination of guided journey, theory and magical symbolism, learned at the hands of masters of the art, to bring to life an odyssey of self-discovery.

The flowers of the Soul need cultivation, just like any other living thing

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