Previous Events – Take a look at some past Silent Eye workshops and talks

On this page you will find some of the previous workshops, weekends and talks the School has organised.

The Silent Eye hosts a number of events each year, from our annual Weekend Workshop in Derbyshire to our informal ‘Walk and Talk’ gatherings. All events are open to non-members and Companions of the School and they are a great way to meet us, explore the teachings we share and spend time with fellow travellers. Upcoming events can be found by clicking here.

The Keys of Heaven

Whitby, North Yorkshire

December 2019

Whitby Montage2AAA

It is the year AD 664. The coastal town of Whitby and its Abbey, under the control of the abbess who became St Hilda, are the setting for a Christian Synod – a court of doctrine established, on the face of it, to unify how priests cut their religious tonsure (gap in the hair) and what should be the correct basis of the calculation of Easter.

Trivial things? Perhaps to our distant eyes; but the Synod of 664 had a brutal undertone: its decision would determine a single Christianity for Britain – and would condemn the alternative to a slow but inevitable death.

An outstanding scholar, Bishop Cedd, later St Cedd, had been raised and trained on Lindisfarne, yet his role as ‘facilitator’ could not afford to display bias. Torn in mind, faith and kin, the man who became St Cedd walked a treacherous path within the Synod that was to change everyone’s lives.

It is a story reminiscent of one of Shakespeare’s play, full of character, mystery and treachery; one in which the cleverness of argument came to supplant the lore of the land and the local history of the interwoven Christ.


Rites of Passage: Seeing beyond Fear

Derbyshire, UK, September 2019

We are all afraid of something.

There are the fears of the everyday world, from arachnophobia to a fear of the dark, and the deeper fears of the personality, that play upon the mind and heart.

What purpose might such fears serve, beyond protecting us from potentially harmful situations?

How have our ancestors addressed such fears across the centuries? Can we learn from the past a way to see beyond our fears to a future lit by serenity and hope?

Join us on Friday the thirteenth of September, 2019, in the ancient landscape of Derbyshire as we explore how to lay our personal gremlins to rest.

Based in the landscape around Tideswell, Bakewell and beyond, this weekend will entail some relatively easy walking on moorland paths.


A joint magical workshop between

Lodge Unicorn na hAlba and The Silent Eye.

Grantown-on Spey, Northern Cairngorms

14-16th June 2019

“When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning, or in rain…?”

Weird Sisters, Macbeth

Well, hopefully we will meet in sunshine and with more than three of us ! Join us in the northern Cairngorms where, from mountain to coast, we will explore the magic of Macbeth Country in a triangle from Cawdor Castle to Findhorn Beach, down to Glenlivet. Through the Archetypes of Lord and Lady Macbeth, the Witches, King Duncan and a Unicorn! We will use the writings of The Scottish Play and other media to discover these characters within us…..

We shall travel and explore the land during the long June days and lingering twilight at Midnight to discover this land where Celts met Picts. Where heather-clad mountains tumble down to salmon rivers like the mighty Spey, as it meanders its way to the pristine sea and white sand beaches of the Moray Firth.

The Unicorn is an iconic spiritual symbol in the British Isles and particularly in Scotland. We will use the power of the elements and spirit of the unicorn to create your own Silent Unicorn within, culminating at the old hidden seminary at Scalan in the remote Braes of Glenlivet.




Lord of the Deep
Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

The Silent Eye’s Spring workshop for 2019


The glories above were unamed.

The word for that world beneath, unuttered.

Source and time, unfettered, merged…

From the mingling waves-of-water came mud and slime.

Enshar and Kishar, twin halves of the globe, shone out of them.



The Oldest written story known to man…
What spiritual treasures lie hidden in this, five thousand-year old, Epic?
What can this ancient civilisation teach us about the questions of existence?
Join us on this quest of a life-time to find out…

‘Gilgamesh is among the greatest things that can ever happen to a person.’
– Rainer Maria Rilke.

Full Circle?  – Finding the way home…
Penrith, Cumbria
December, 2018


Home. It is an evocative word. The images it conjures are different for each of us, yet few other words touch heart and mind in quite the same way. Birth and death, laughter and love, longing, fear and aspiration… the cycle of human life plays out within its walls.

For many, there is another ‘home’ beyond the physical confines of this world. That too may seem different for each of us and the path it its threshold is shaped by dreams. Few places illustrate this as clearly as Castlerigg, an ancient stone circle ringed by mountains and one of the most spectacular sites in the country.

The people who have walked this world before us have left traces of their lives and belief, written in stone upon the landscape. From church to stone circle, castle to cavern, finding the way home has always been intimately linked with the land. Join us in a winter landscape to explore these hidden pathways of mind and heart.


Castles of the Mind

Seahouses, Northumberland

September 2018

Bamburgh Castle smaller

Do we have ‘castles of the mind’?

Traditionally, ancient castles were built where there was trouble… Do we have the equivalent in our minds and emotions? Have we, over the course of our lives, built up strong fortifications with which to repel those intrusions which, as children, we considered frightening?

Our ‘walk and talk’ events are friendly and informal. We ask those attending to bring one or two readings from their favourite books, poems, or other sources of inspiration. We listen and talk… and share. If someone is ready to enter their personal borderlands, we hold their hand and walk with them.

The cost per attendee is £50.00. This is an administrative cost, only. All personal costs and bookings, such as hotels and meals, are the responsibility of those attending. Meals are generally shared in a local pub, and the cost divided between those partaking.

The Giant and the Sun: Patterns in the landscape

Cerne Abbas, Dorset

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th June 2018

Tradition tells of a mischievous Giant who after devouring several sheep lay down on  the side of a hill to sleep off his breakfast.
The people of Blackmoor Vale tied him down and killed him.
The tiny village of Cerne Abbas is today still overlooked by the Giant’s effigy cut in chalk on the side of the hill.
But what other secrets does the landscape within and around the village hold.
Join us this summer on our pre solstice event for an interactive excursion into the Living Land of Dorset…

The weekend is informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

Workshop costs £50 per person. Accomodation and meals are not included and bed and breakfast/hotel in Cerne Abbas should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals.


The Jewel in the Claw

20-22 April, 2018, The Nightingale Centre, Derbyshire

Jewel in Claw Master image 28JanV317AA

It is 1616. King James VI of Scotland has been on the throne of England and Ireland for thirteen years, having inherited the kingdom as the closest surviving relative of the beloved and sadly deceased Queen Elizabeth I. England continues to go through a time of both upheaval and opportunity, though the crowning glory of Elizabeth’s reign, the destruction of the Spanish Armada, has restored hope and stability to this once-isolated isle.

William Shakespeare is at the end of his life. More than any other figure, he knows and has documented the nature of mankind: its ambitions, its loves, its greed, jealously, spiritual aspirations and passing triumphs. In our five-act ritual drama we will revisit this knowledge within the mind of the Bard; a learning that would, one day, become known as psychology–and see it as a microcosm of the Elizabethan age with striking parallels to today…

Our play begins with the elderly Shakespeare on his deathbed. Three lit candles stand above the chair beside which lie the unused quill and paper on which the poet can no longer write. A friendly figure of Death approaches and asks, “Master Shakespeare, are you content?” The playwright raises a weary head and gestures, without words, to the archetypal being that has come for him.

Death begins to snuff out the candles.

The Reaper praises the life Shakespeare has led and summons images of some of this most famous characters. In a failing voice, Shakespeare speaks of his belief that mankind has a common interior nature, clouded over by the characteristics that the events of life produce.

Death reaches for the final candle and says, “They were good stories, Master Shakespeare, and will live on in the hearts of those who will come to love you… long after your body is but dust…”

Death begins to snuff out the last light, but Shakespeare raises a frail hand to halt his progress.

“Yes?” asks Death, gently.

“There was one story untold,” says the Bard. “One story that could not be told or it would have hurt her soul and her life… a story of the beloved Queen’s darkest hour.”

Death leans in and listens. “Tell it now,” he whispers.

The Silent Eye’s Spring 2018 Workshop will tell this story, a tale which, in the mind of the dying Shakespeare, consolidates his experiences with his beloved Queen – and recounts the fine line that all such playwrights had to tread in those uncertain times–times which, nevertheless, forged the Britain we know today…

The Silent Eye’s 2018 Spring workshop: Jewel in the Claw, weekend of 20-22 April is open for bookings.

Acting parts are available for everyone; from the most experienced to the enthusiastic newcomer. Come and join us! Each year, people new to the whole idea of group learning within mystical drama come to be part of it, and, every time, no-one wants to leave come the Sunday afternoon.


Riddles of the Night.

1st-3rd December 2017, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

What links sacred sites, ancient and modern?

Are the clues all around us?

Do the keys to heaven lie hidden in the earth or are there keys to earth hidden in the heavens?

Where earth and time and heavens meet

Look to the dragons’ soaring might

To seek the circle’s treasure trove

And solve the riddles of the night.

Riddles of the Night…

Hidden in plain sight.

1st-3rd December 2017, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Discover for yourselves the hidden jewels of the night as the darkness of the winter solstice enfolds the land.

Will you find the jewel at the heart of the mystery?

Join us in Bakewell in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales to explore some of the ancient and sacred sites of our ancestors. The weekend will take the Companions on a true quest, seeking out the hidden magic in the landscape that echoes the magic of heart and soul.

The weekend is informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

Workshop costs £50 per person. Accomodation and meals are not included and bed and breakfast/hotel in Bakewell should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals.

Maiden, Mother, Crone
Solstice of the Moon


Inverurie, Scotland
15th-17th September 2017

2The gently undulating and fertile landscape between the foothills of the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea proved an attractive place to settle for the early Neolithic peoples colonising the furthest reaches of the British Isles. Nowhere else contains a greater concentration of late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age remains; from the earliest recorded flint mines, through numerous burial mounds and cairns, to the highest density of stone circles in the country.

Yet, there is a mystery. Unique to the area, with the exception of a few examples in the South West of Ireland, the circles of the region are exclusively of the “recumbent” type; a form largely intended for monitoring the “solstices” of the moon, more 3-copycommonly referred to as the lunar standstill, with specific interest in the major lunar standstill which occurs in an 18.5 year cycle.

Join us in the heartland of the Picts, for a weekend of discovery and exploration of the enigmatic astronomical sites created by their Neolithic forefathers, and the equally enigmatic rock art they themselves left behind.

4-copyThe weekend will consist of three days exploration of local sites in and around the market town of Inverurie, in the beautiful Don valley, Aberdeenshire.

The weekend is informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

Workshop costs £50 per person. Accomodation and meals are not included and bed and breakfast/hotel in Inverurie should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals.

The Prisoner of Portmeirion?

(A Spycological Thriller)

The Silent Eye Summer Weekend Workshop, June 2017

“I am not a number…”


“… I am a free man…” But are we?  Join us for a most unusual weekend.

Once more the Silent Eye boldly goes…

One of the top TV shows of the 1960s was “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan as Number 6, the man from the secret service who dared to resign… and found himself kidnapped and captive in the mysterious “Village” where the banality of life was designed to crush the mind of the potential security threat.

Or perhaps it was really about something entirely different…

Set in and around the very real village of Portmeirion, the place where the Prisoner was filmed,  with the backdrop of wonderful Snowdonia on our doorstep, our pre-solstice adventure in the landscape will take the form of a psychological (or spycological) exploration of what it means to ‘fit in’ with the world–and the price of not doing so. We do not intend this to be deadly serious, but many a powerful revelation can come from a well-timed poke of humour, as Shakespeare well knew!

Dates: Weekend of 16-18 June 2017

Location:  Close to Portmeirion Village.

Don’t miss it! Demand will be high and there are limited places. Send us an email to register your interest.

For further details email:

Inset image in banner from

The Feathered Seer. Weekend Workshop April 2017

The Silent Eye Annual Workshop 2017


“In a time before memory…when the land was yet young and Albion unborn, I dreamed the stars of a time yet to be. I dreamed your becoming.
…I see you.
I called and you have come.
The time is now.”

Join us as we journey back beyond recorded history to a time known only in dreams and a place that still casts its shadow in stone upon our landscape. It is a time of peace and bright learning, a time when wisdom flourishes in the sacred colleges and a young Seer is nearing the end of her training. They came with sword and spear, raveners of the land, seeking to pervert and destroy the Keepers of Wisdom. Torches in the night… a world forever changed…

Dates: Weekend of 21-23 April 2017

Location:  Great Hucklow, Derbyshire Dales.England.

Don’t miss it!

Accommodation is provided full board at the Nightingale Centre with inclusive prices for the weekend from £245 – £265 per person.Click here to download a pdf Booking Form for The Feathered Seer

For further details email:

Of Ash and Seed, Isle of Anglesey, Wales,

2nd – 4th December, 2016Anglesey screen grab for WordPress

You can download the full one-page brochure with the link below.

Anglesey OnePagerAAA

Circles beyond time – Seeking the Seer

September 2016

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 045

An ancient landscape, shrouded in mystery… strewn with stones and the last of the summer heather…scattered with sites of ancient sanctity.

Stone circles… an enigmatic fortress rising from the bracken like a ship to carry mind and imagination back beyond the veiling mists.

Time becomes fluid, marked in shadows cast by standing stones. Stories carved in millstone grit by ancient hands come to life beneath the racing clouds… and all around is beauty.

Derbyshire 1

Join us in September as the seasons turn once more to walk forgotten pathways across the moors to circles  lost in the bracken. Learn of the dreams of a mysterious  Seer, a lifetime echoed in stone and whispered through time as we explore the sacred landscape of Derbyshire. In the solitude of the moors, the voices of the past seem to reach through the land and touch your heart, finding there a continuous thread of light that winds through the ages as each soul asks its own questions, the same questions that have been asked for millennia.

Based around the Fox House, Hathersage, we will spend the weekend exploring some of the neolithic  and sacred sites of the area, culminating in a trip to Arbor Low, the ‘Stonehenge of the north’. Each attendee will be asked to bring a short reading or to share a story that seems appropriate to the moment and we will talk as we walk, finding inspiration in the land and in our companions.

These events are not large, just a small and intimate group and a warm, informal atmosphere.

For those thinking of attending the Silent Eye’s Annual Workshop, The Feathered Seer, at Great Hucklow in April 2017, Circles Beyond Time will be of particular relevance as the story that will unfold during The Feathered Seer will be set in this particular part of the ancient landscape.

Arbor Low and Stanton Moor Imbolc 001 (16)

2016 Summer pre-solstice event

St David's montage

Shake off the Winter blues – Anticipate the Summer ahead and book now for the Silent Eye’s 2016 pre-Solstice weekend, “Whispers in the West”, to take place in the ancient landscapes of Pembrokeshire, West Wales,  June 17-19, 2016.

We will base ourselves in the ancient Celtic city of St David’s, near to the cathedral, whose site dates back to the 6th century. St David’s will be the main focus of the Sunday morning walk and talk. The ancient city offers a good choice of hotels and well-priced guest houses as well as a choice of restaurants.

From the magical traces of the ancient Druids, through the splendour of St David’s Cathedral to the modern and unchanged landscape of Pembrokeshire, the weekend has much to offer.

We will be conducted by a local member of the Silent Eye School who knows the landscape and its history well.

Our outline itinerary is:

17-19 June, 2016

Friday Afternoon 17 June

Drive to Whitesands beach – ice cream

Walk to St David’s Head – hut circles – Coetan Arthur burial chamber

Dinner in St David’s

Saturday 18 June

Drive to Newport via Carreg Samson and Carreg Coetan Arthur burial chambers

Walk up Carn Ingli for magnificent view

Drive to Pentre Ifan – the most impressive chamber in Wales

Drive to Nevern church – Ogham stones – bleeding yews

Drive to Cwm Gwaun for a drink at Bessie’s pub

Drive to St Gwyndaf’s church at Llanwnda near Strumble Head

Dinner at The Sloop in Porthgain or St David’s

Sunday 19 June

Walk to St Non’s – new chapel – old chapel – well

Walk to Cathedral and Bishop’s palace

Lunch in the refectory

Walk along to the bridge and up Quickwell Hill

(If people want to stay into the afternoon there is a lovely boat trip round Ramsay Island)

The cost to attend the weekend is £50.00. Hotel and meals are not included in that figure and those attending need to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Register your interest via email to

(Images from Wikipedia, used under Creative Commons license)

Leaf and Flame: The Foliate Man. Workshop April 2016


The 2016 Silent Eye April Workshop will look at some of the esoteric aspects of the Arthurian and Grail mythos…

By developing the stories of Gawain and the Green Knight, and Lady Ragnall we will explore what it means to be fully human and fully divine.

river of the sun SE15 058

Within the confines of a space made sacred by the intent of the Companions, the Silent Eye takes you on a journey to the legendary heart of Albion, where King Arthur rules and the shadowy presence of the Merlin haunts the flames.

Come with us to explore tales of the ancient past and find how they illuminate your own spiritual journey … and why they are still as relevant and resonant today.

river of the sun SE15 051

Dates: Weekend of 22-24 April, 2016.

Location: Great Hucklow, Derbyshire Dales. England.

Don’t miss it! Demand will be high and there are limited places.

Accommodation is provided full board at the Nightingale Centre with inclusive prices for the weekend from £220 – £245 per person.

Click here to download a pdf Booking Form for Leaf and Flame

For further details email:

river of the sun SE15 005

Harvest of Being
Rooted in the Land
Ilkley, Yorkshire
18th – 20th September 2015

X ilkley weekend 114

Join us for an informal gathering on the edges of the ancient landscape of Ilkley Moor, exploring the relationship between the human heart and the heart of earth.

Based at the Cow and Calf Hotel,Hangingstone Lane, Ilkley,  we will venture out into the landscape, exploring sites of ancient sanctity… like the carved stones and circles scattered across the moor.

Mountains of the Sun
Wiltshire, England
12-14 June 2015

silbury and west kennet (59)

What are the mysterious mounds that cluster around Marlborough? Why are they marked by the spiral of the dragon’s coils?
Join us for a Solstice tale of dragons in the living land of Albion as we explore Avebury and the mounds that haunt the Marlborough Downs.
From our base in the village of Ogbourne St George, named for the legendary slayer of dragons, the weekend will see us explore the World Heritage site of Avebury, where the stones dance in circles within circles. We will visit Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe and take a look at its terraced sister, Merlin’s Mound, where legend says the Mage still sleeps as we explore the meaning and purpose of these strange, pyramids of earth.
The weekend is informal. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

Workshop costs £50.00 per person.

Accomodation/meals not included, though advice can be given.

Click below to

Download our Events Booking Form – pdf

For further details or to reserve your place:


River of the Sun – the Silent Eye Weekend Workshop

2015Egypt 1290 BCE
It is three generations since Egypt was torn apart by the rule of the enigmatic Pharaoh Akhenaten, who eviscerated the might of the ancient priesthood and moved the centre of political and religious power 250 miles North from Thebes to the new city of Armana on the Nile banks.The rulers of the 19th Dynasty are determined to reverse the damage done by the heretic Pharaoh. Seti I begins to restore Egypt’s military might to face a changed world. This ruthless outward focus is a vivid contrast to Akhenaten’s peaceful but materially damaging reign.Akhenaten is long dead, but what of his mystic religion? Is nothing left of his radical teaching, his doomed attempt to replace the ancient religions of the once-noble priesthood and its former Gods with a single deity, the Aten, symbolised by the Sun disc? The Hymns to the Aten, appear to show that he viewed the Truth as being very simple, although approachable in many ways.

5Our workshop follows the life-story of a young man named Amkhren, whose heart’s desire is to be a priest in the temple of Isis on the ancient Nile island of Philae. Amkhren is lowly born and an orphan. A chance and dangerous meeting between his grandfather and Neferaset, the high priestess of Isis, opens the door to a mysterious world where the earnest and eager young man discovers that life on Philae operates on two levels, with a hidden face to its rituals, known only to the few.

Through dramatic ritual, we will take part in the life of Amkhren, as he is admitted to the apprentice priesthood; then on to his graduation to its full ranks. We return, years later, to find him matured and powerful, visited by those who seek wisdom of a deeper nature. Watched over by the resourceful Neferaset and her brother Anzety, high priest of the cult of Osiris, Amkhren treads a deadly path as he falls under the suspicious eye of the newly appointed Menascare, a shadowy figure whose power derives from the soon to be appointed Ramases II, who has sworn to remove the last traces of Akhenaten, now known simply as “the erased”.

You can read more of the story for the weekend here and here.

The event offers a mixture of lectures and ritual dramas in which each of us will play a single role for the duration of the weekend. Each person will play a (fully scripted) role – you only need to read from the scripts and do your best to bring it to life. Creativity will be welcome and encouraged, and we will all explore the deeper meanings of Egyptian symbology by living it. Fun will most certainly be a theme and there is a lovely pub next door, which sees occasional use from the Silent Eye crowd . . .

Dates: Weekend of 24-26 April, 2015.
Location: Great Hucklow, Derbyshire Dales. England.
Don’t miss it! Demand will be high and there are limited places.
Accomodation provided full board at the Nightingale Centre with inclusive prices for the weekend from £220 – £245 per person.

Harvest of Being
Ilkley, West Yorkshire
September 2014

harvest being 2014 071
Join us in the Yorkshire moors for an informal weekend of spiritual exploration. No lectures, no doctrine just time with fellow travellers on a spiritual path as we explore ourselves and the ancient landscape in which we walk.

The Architecture of the Soul: Simplifying the Mystery

August 2014
The Avalon Room, Glastonbury,
The word ‘Soul’ has been used in many ways since the Greeks laid the foundations for Western Civilisation. Use of the word Soul generally donotes a personal vehicle of the self. But which self? Is my sense of “me-ness” myself? What about the personality – where does that fit into a picture of the Soul? And what about psychology’s Ego, does that form a part of the overall picture?
In this talk the Silent Eye School will discuss the necessary elements of a soul and talk about how they may be knitted together into a single concept, one that not only provides a reference point, but also gives a start point for getting beyond ordinary life and exploring a more dynamic interchange with this deeper part of ourselves. The talk will comprise a small set of slides linked to a number of individual exercises and meditations, which will help reveal the nature of the Soul in all her glory.


The Enneagram: Its spiritual history and modern use
June 2014
Gurdjieff brought the Enneagram to the West in 1912. Since then its use has expanded beyond the Fourth Way tradition. Modern esoteric psychology employs its dynamic structure to reveal the way our minds grew from their early beginnings and to point the way home to Being, itself. The evening will reveal the modern history of the Enneagram from its emergence in pre-revolution Russia onwards; and will speculate on its more remote history as one of the legendary “seals” that were reserved for initiates in those ancient times. Venue: the Avalon Room


‘The Song in the Silence’:Centre, Word, Vowel, Cycle, Harmony
April 2014
The emergence of spiritual harmonics in the magic of everyday speech and music.
The circle is the core symbol for many spiritual traditions. In this two-hour talk, we will explore the way the circle reveals its hidden harmony in both music and speech. The science of harmonics is as old as Pythagoras and probably older in histories that were never recorded. The uncovering of the magic of speech is a more recent discovery that contains many surprises. Linking them all is a mysterious seven-fold cycle, whose glyph is shown in many ancient designs, yet whose meaning is never fully revealed.
This talk will bridge the ancient and the modern in a journey of discovery for everyone.


Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives
Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Land of the Exiles… Silent Eye Weekend Workshop
April, 2014, Great Hucklow in the beautiful Derbyshire Hills
After seven years in cryogenic deep-freeze a group of interstellar colonists, fleeing the destruction of the Earth, awaken to find that their ship has crash-landed on Idos, their planned new home. The Commander, the sole member of the crew who volunteered to stay awake during the voyage, has disappeared, and the ship’s computer has gone rogue, imprisoning them in the one working deck left in the ruin of the Hawk.
Seemingly intent on playing God after studying the Commander’s electronic books of ancient religions, the computer determines to first explore what it is to be human. To survive, the colonists must assume the mythical roles of the Egyptian Gods cast by the computer from the ancient past so that it can test their reactions. The future looks bleak for the survivors when there seems to be no way around the machine’s manipulations of their psyches.
But Idos has its own resources, and one of them, a natural intelligence in the planet that they come to know as the Mindstream, seeks them out while they are being played by the computer, making them aware that help is at hand if they can use their roles to outsmart the cyberintelligence pitted against them.
The mood changes, dramatically, as the colonists learn to interpret the Mindstream’s subtle interference, appearing to play along with the computer’s manipulations, but re-shaping their roles one step at a time to deepen their control of the situation.
In the final act, the mechanical computer comes face to face with the power of the evolved human soul, laid bare by the necessity of survival created by its very existence.
Join us for this ground-breaking consciousness intensive weekend in the heart of the beautiful Derbyshire Dales.
Each person will play a fully scripted role for the whole weekend. The event offers a mixture of lectures and ritual dramas in which each of us will play a single role for the duration. Creativity will be welcome and encouraged, and we will all explore the deeper meanings of being Human.
Fun will most certainly be a theme and there is a lovely pub next door when we get tired of being serious!

Glastonbury Tor

Walk and Talk
October 2013
Come and spend a few hours with the folks of the Silent Eye in Glastonbury, where we will share a little time together, just being human as we explore sites in the town and th landscape sacred to many traditions.

Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives
Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives

The Song of the Troubadour
April 2013
A group of pilgrims have gathered in the ancient landscape of the Derbyshire hills, refreshing themselves from their long journeys. Some are renewing old friendships, others are there for the first time. All are made welcome by their hosts at the fireside in the place of the Nightingale.
Unexpectedly, he doors open and into their company strides a Troubadour, holding the hand of a child. His presence seems to fill the room. Taking a grateful seat by the fire and glass of porter, he tells them that he is on an urgent journey to save the life of a King, and he asks that they look after the child for two days while he completes his mission. He explains that the child is very special – having never developed its personality, it remains a pure Being, a vessel of light that can see the world as it is, rather than clouded with the accumulated dust of life’s experiences. In return for their care, they may each ask one question of the child, but only one.
The pilgrims discuss how they might do this, both to help the Troubadour and aid their own spiritual quests. They elect a leader to focus the questions in a sequence that will throw light on their very existence, and the mysteries of their lives. Finally, they turn to the Troubadour and accept his request. He leaves, thanking them and saying he will return for the child on the day of the Sun…
And if you want to see what happens next, you could always join us in Derbyshire……

Enneagram Reflected copy

‘The Temple of the Moment: extending spirituality into the real-time life’
October 2012
The Temple of the Moment is achieved by following a series of life-changing steps. These have been documented in sacred scriptures over the millennia but remain largely unused. The steps include self-remembering, identification, negative emotions and reactions to events in our lives. This talk will contrast the Temple of the Withdrawn and the Temple of the Moment, and show how both can be used to create a more empowered life, enrich personal consciousness and our sense of purpose.

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