The Silent Eye Costs and Commitments

Costs and Commitments

The Silent Eye is a not-for-profit organisation. We only make charges to cover our costs, nothing else.

The school makes a simple charge per lesson each month. This is your only financial commitment. There are no membership charges, and our Supervisors are former Companions who carry out their roles to help you.

At the time of wiring (July 2023) the cost of each lesson is £15.00 payable via PayPal, only.

We refer to our students as Companions; a more appropriate word for those we spend three years with on this special journey of the self and soul.

The Companion’s responsibility is to do the work of the course, and to ensure the lessons are retained only for the use as provided.

If you find the Silent Eye course is not for you, simply email your Supervisor to tell them. That’s all you need do. There is no penalty for deciding to leave our work.

Though our intention is that you enjoy this work and decide to stay with us for the three years of the journey … and possibly, beyond.