‘Seek and you will find

Ask and the door will open’

The heart knows the way

All questions have an answer

All destiny a purpose

I wonder if anyone is claiming copyright on ancient spiritual texts these days? I have seen ‘copyright’ claimed as the reason why photography is forbidden in some of the bigger churches…even though those who built them stone by stone and whose artistry is designed to lift the soul heavenwards are centuries gone.

I cannot claim copyright for my soul. For a start, I cannot even say whether the soul is my creation or whether the being I know as ‘me’ belongs, instead, to it…or perhaps we are both part of some greater entity. Nor can I claim exclusivity for the question that arise from the core of being. In an era when pretty much everything is subject to copyright and property laws, the soul is the one thing that seems beyond the grasp of legislation. Spiritual systems, inspirational writings and the words held sacred by various religions may hold inalienable legal or moral rights to be given due credit, but the ideas from which those words arose are as much part of human life as the air we breathe.

The more I study spiritual thought, from our earliest ancestors to our own time, the more I realise that, in spite of the different names, stories and traditions with which we approach them, regardless of the differences between the systems, methods or doctrine with which we seek to address them, the fundamental questions that have drawn mankind to seek answers have always been the same.

Were I to believe that only one of those systems were right, then I would be choosing to believe, by default, that all the others must, somehow, be wrong. Yet all systems and beliefs answer the needs of those who seek their answers within them with a whole heart.

Truth is a vast jewel of many facets, casting prisms of shimmering colour from a single Light. I doubt we are big enough to see them all. We may not even be big enough to wholly understand a single facet of that Truth from which all other truths stem. But there is within each of us that ‘something’ that carries a spark of the Light. We may choose to call it the soul or find another name or concept to fulfil our need for labels. Whatever it is, it is closer to the source of our being than our conscious mind and, when we need answers, perhaps all we need to do is ask the question…

15 thoughts on “Facets…

    1. Any question works… there is always an answer to be had, if we listen.
      I don’t think we, or at least our conscious personalities, really are in the driving seat… nor should we be. The problems come when we let the ego take the wheel.

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  1. It’s absolutely incredible, Sue. Beautiful beyond anything I could imagine and rings true for me too. It is funny that this came when it did because just tonight I was having to justify to a client for appraisals (art quilts) why I did not value a recent work as high as I did others that I did before. As I sat and thought about my answer, and how I could maintain my integrity, a lot of questions about my own thinking came to mind. I like my clients to be happy with their appraisals, but not at the expense of my being untruthful to myself. When I do an appraisal, it is not a quick and using a form to fill out descriptions and size, etc. and then to put a value there. I question my own self about why I have done this or that, or why I made this decision. One of my best teachers in that field taught me that if I feel that I can defend anything I say in a court of law, I have made the right decision. This works with things like appraisals, but not when it comes to the soul.

    Of late, I have had a lot of really major soul challenges, and have been asking myself a lot of questions about things I have believed, still believe, or things I want to reconsider later on. It’s crazy but true. I am involved in a major legal battle to get something that I have legal rights to. My anger at having to go through such a horrible experience in my life when I am near the end of my time on this plane brought up a lot of questions about my soul and the things that I believe or have believed are true about it. In the end result, I thought how we are all fragile when it comes to our souls, and trying to maintain our integrity while questioning some of the basic beliefs we have in this life. I guess the thing is that we have to just keep asking those questions. So in the end result, we are not here for a grade. We are here to get to know who we really are and the things we believe about ourselves. I always hope my own answers will not be painful, but will fill me with light.Thank you so much. I needed to read this now.


    1. We are indeed fragile creatures. Anne… but the one thing I don’t believe that applies to is the soul, which I see as one with the eternal.
      I hope all goes well with your case.


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