Rings of Earth and Sky

To find that time and circumstance

Had placed us in an isle of fertile space

Where others led us to a place

A ring wherein the sky and earth would quarter meet

There is no sense of wonder deeper

Than that of being ‘brought’ and left

To gaze as heavens’ hand caress the land and sea

And consciousness completes the longing three

Strange markers lined the way

As if to say: be sure; discretion is required

Before that letting go of owning self

Surrenders to the land of higher health

And then the ring of bright companions forms

Called, named and present

From far and distant lands

To be here, to be now, to be

Brought forth: the moment birthed

For which no words have face

Where vision sees the depth of beauty’s kiss

And all are silent, knowing touch of grace

A sharing cake and golden mead

A silent, spellbound walk along the road

A bus to catch – mundane but vital in the gathering cold!

No-one speaks… we are so lost in gold

©️Copyright Stephen Tanham

Images taken at Beltane, Ring of Brodgar, Orkney.

9 thoughts on “Rings of Earth and Sky

  1. I thought I recognised these images. I lived half an hour away by boat on the island of Rousay, my Uncle Jeemo had a farm called Seatersquoy which was near the ring. Have been there many times, love and miss it so much. The last time I was there, the stones were vibrating under the palm of my hand. Quoy is norse for house.

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