In memory

There are some people who just light up a room, very quietly and without seeming to do more than simply be there. When you have met them, they do not slip from memory but leave behind a trace of beauty  that adds its grace to your own life, changing it for the better, in some indefinable way .

I met such a woman some years ago, at a magical gathering. She already seemed to know me somehow and drew me in to the circle of warmth that she radiated. That, I think, was part of her gift for life. She was interested in people. She wanted to know their stories, not through some vague curiosity but from an openness to life and those with whom she explored its pathways.

Over the years, she became a friend. She opened her heart and home to the monthly meetings of the Silent Eye, enlivening them with an earthy wisdom, born of experience and shared with simplicity and humility. Always elegant, always beautiful, she moved through the world with an unconscious grace… yet still with an ageless gleam of mischief in her eye. You felt that she was a kindred spirit.

I loved her….we all did. We are going to miss her.


Sheila Chadwick 1935 – 2017

54 thoughts on “In memory

      1. Inspire of all our accumulated life experiences and acquired wisdom the impact of such a loss can hit hard. The photo you’ve used encapsulates Sheila in all her joy and radiance. Good way to remember her Sue. Hugs.


  1. So sad reading this but also uplifted to think that she had such an impact on your and others. That is rare and magical and real immortality, to live in the memories of those left behind. Condolences to you all. x


  2. What a lovely tribute, Sue. It’s seldom that we get to meet someone whose mere presence is a gift. It sounds like you were fortunate to have her in your life. I’m sorry for your loss.


  3. Thanks for the tribute,it adds to her beauty.In each thought in that tribute,I sense the inspiration you were to one another and we can all draw from that inspiration.


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