Leaf and Flame – Trust and honour

morgy (6)

The Saturday night ritual drama saw Gawain taken to meet his fate. The Green Knight waited in the Green Chapel to return the blow traded so long ago… and Gawain’s own actions left the outcome in doubt. How can he survive a beheading? Only by bringing all his being to a single point and acting through the higher heart…

It is in this melding of body, mind and heart in perfect balance that freedom is found. It is in the relinquishing of the unquiet ego that knots the mind, shuns the perfection of the body and sears the heart with sentimentality, that the true and higher Self can take its rightful place in beauty.

To Gawain, blind by torment and guilt, the true nature of his Hunters remained hidden. The calls and whispers of the animals were a threat… the perception of ego is often clouded by fear. He could not see that they came in love and in compassion, bringing their encouragement and the gift of their presence.

He could not see that the tortuous paths upon which we are led fulfil not desire but need. Nor could he know that, in laying his head upon the block… in surrendering self to Self… he could pass beyond the veil of death and return with the Grail… Sometimes, there is only Trust.

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The Hunters too had to trust, curtailing their planned course in order to preserve Mystery. The ritual that ended on the Mound, responded to inner prompting and so none saw what should remain veiled apart from the Companions… and a single masked figure who stood quietly by…waiting.

The ritual should have been over, but the Lord and Lady of the Hunt were drawn aside as the Companions moved away…

…a flare lit the night…

…distant drums began to sound the dance of the flames…

…and flaming brands were placed in their hands.

In a silence broken only by fire… The Lord and lady of the Hunt accompanied Lord Fox to meet his Dancers. The procession wound through the village… flames dancing in darkness… the giant Crow strutted in the dancing ground and three processions merged and entered the arena.

Tha magical staff of the Silver Fox chased away both Crow and darkness. Light, sound, colour erupted and flared as the Lady was enthroned beneath a silver mask, wreathed in leaves and crowned with antlers. By her side, her Lord stood tall and white as she tied her favour to the arm of the Fox who was her champion… and the Foxes danced…

chris (3)

Photos by Morgana West and Chris Hutchison

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