Leaf and Flame – Counting down

great hucklow
X marks the spot – the foot of the rainbow touches the little village of Great Hucklow

By this time next week it will be too late. There will no longer be any need to panic or dash around like headless chickens; anything we have forgotten will have to be done without and worked around. People will be converging on the little village of Great Hucklow from all around the world and King Arthur will be sharpening his sword… And then there is the little matter of the axe-wielding Green Knight…

Not to mention the mysterious shades of Foxes in the Flames …

Life goes on hold in the run up to the workshop. It matters that we get this right. Not only must it be fun and present a different and thought provoking take on an old story  but it must go deeper than that and open the doors of the inner world for those who attend.

land of the exiles great hucklow

The playing out of a spiritual journey in dramatic form allows the mental, emotional and physical centres to work together and the results, when a room full of people are focused upon working together at such a task, can be astonishing. Words and ideas come to life, finding a place in consciousness, where they may have been hidden in the shadows, and the experience will be unique for each person who attends as they bring their own eyes, mind and heart into the shared moment.

It is also a time to hug old friends and meet new ones as like-minded people arrive from every direction and across thousands of miles.

No pressure on the organisers or writers then…

Even though the essentials are ready, there are still things to do. The next few days will be busy with last minute preparations and packing. But there will very soon come a point when there is no more time and we will be filling the car or boarding planes, trains and ships and heading towards a single point in space and moment in time…

… and Leaf and Flame will blossom in Derbyshire.




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