Leaf and Flame…

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As we move towards the changing of the seasons and the turning of the year, we are turning our thoughts towards the Silent Eye Annual Workshop in April. It is as the year turns that King Arthur bids his knights join him in celebration. Shadowy figures move outside the circle of light, playing with lives as pawns in a game…A challenge is issued, and accepted… a neck is laid bare to the blade… yet will the victor survive to find the meaning of this strange, otherworldly meeting?

Come and join Gawain and King Arthur’s court on their quest

and find out who you can Be.


Bookings are now being taken for

Leaf and Flame: The Foliate Man

The interwoven stories of Sir Gawain’s legendary encounters with the Green Knight and Dame Ragnell will form the basis of  a weekend of ritual drama.

This residential weekend will be held at the Nightingale Centre in Great Hucklow, Derbyshire, England. Gathering on the afternoon Friday 22nd till Sunday 24th April, companions on this journey through legend will each play a fully scripted role throughout the five acts of a ritual drama exploring the the enigmatic symbol of the Green Man. There will be talks on related subjects led by some of our companions on the weekend, as well as plenty of time to relax in the lounge or at the Queen Anne pub next door.


Click here to download a pdf booking form

2​Ritual One:“…Any Card.” 
In which Mordred and Morgause trade evil smiles and determine to corrupt the Table Round and the Knights in that round are confronted by the Foliate Man…

​Ritual Two: Hart to Heart “In which Gawain enters the Enchanted Forest in pursuit of the hart…”

​Ritual Three: La Belle Dame Sans Merci“ In which the quest for the riddle of the heart fails and Gawain sets out to meet his doom at the Green Chapel…en route he comes across the ‘Castille Diablo’ deep in the heart of the Green-Wood and there the mysterious Lord and Lady Verdant involve him in another three-fold game…” 4

Ritual Four: La Chapelle Verte “In which Dame Ragnell reveals the true answer to the riddle of a woman’s heart, Merlin and the Lady unleash the animate soul of the Greenwood and Sir Gawain strides forward to meet his Doom…”

Ritual Five: Heaven in Earth

“In which Dame Ragnell claims her due at Camelot and the Company of the Table Round enjoy the festivities of the King.”

 Book early to reserve your place!

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