The Silent Eye How we came to be… 2012-13

How we came to be… 2012-13


We were talking the other day about the value, or otherwise, of formal training in spiritual schools and organisations and what they can offer the seeker on what is, after all, perhaps the most personal journey of all. We all have our own very intimate view on spirituality, whether we frame it within the terms of religious belief, atheism, psychology or one of the many branches of paganism or esoteric study…or even an eclectic mix all our own. However we walk it, and although paths may cross, entwine and bring both comfort and illumination to each other along the way, that journey is always uniquely our own. It can really be no other way.

Thinking it through, it occurred to me that Steve Tanham, Stuart France and myself, the triad of directors of the Silent Eye, had all come together at this point from very different directions and backgrounds. At a number of points the details of our journeys have come close, almost touched… long before we ever knew each other. We have shared the study of similar systems, each with their own distinct ‘flavour’ and each of us in our own way. In all other respects, the journey to now has been individual and while we work together for a common goal and vision, the facets that we each see with greatest clarity are different, coloured by our own experiences and understanding.

We thought it would be interesting to explore the divergent and convergent elements of the journey so far…

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