Station to Station X…

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A Week of Sorrows is a cycle.

A Fortnight of Sorrows is a bi-cycle.

The three falls of Jesus echo the three deaths of Merlin.

The haloed female figure may not be Jesus’ mother.

Joseph may be shown hooded for a reason.

The robe draped cross resembles the mast and sail of a boat.

The hooded figure may not be Joseph of Arimathea.

The figure helping to carry the cross may not be Simon of Cyrene.

The figures may depict aspects of the personality.

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Station to Station IX…

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If the story of Jesus is historical then why contemplate unhistorical episodes of that story?

Why would the Roman soldiers coerce Simon into helping carry the cross?

To what does the prophecy uttered by Jesus to the Women of Jerusalem refer?

What do the hieratic gestures of the hooded figure signify?

What do the colours of the women’s robes signify?

Why does it take two people to strip Jesus?

Why is one of them bare headed and the other not?

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Station to Station VIII…

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The stations are the work of the early Jesuits.

The falls were diversionary and designed to separate the Daughters of Jerusalem episode from the figure of Simon in the minds of the faithful.

The Veronica was specifically designed to counter claims made for the Turin Shroud.

The veil of Veronica may be regarded as depicting an ‘imago’ of Christ.

There are nine steps to Golgotha.

The figures stripping Jesus are performing an initiation.

The robe draped upon the cross is significant.

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Station to Station II…

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Pilgrims of the Sorrowful Way preferred to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Six more iconographical representations were added during the middle ages:
Simon of Cyrene helping Jesus to carry the cross,
Jesus meeting the women of Jerusalem,
Jesus falling a third time,
Jesus stripped of his garments,
Jesus dying on the cross,
And Jesus taken down from the cross…

…A Fortnight of Sorrows.

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