The touch of Otherness #Silenti

In every mystical gathering, of whatever nature, there comes that moment when a correctly constructed ‘vessel’ is taken over – however fleetingly – by a sense of ‘otherness’. Experience teaches us that this is actually paradoxical. What is ‘taking over’ is the very state that is the goal of the activity, be that a deep […]

The Flowers of Mistrust – #Silenti

We live, increasingly, in an age of mistrust. It can be seen as cool, savvy, to doubt what we hear–an expectation of deceit in the ‘other’, as though trust belonged to the infant’s playground; something to be outgrown in the face of maturity in the world and in life. As ‘humanity’, if such a concept […]

Intimate Flames – #Silenti

What is it to be intimate? The touch  of a lover’s hand or lips, perhaps?  Two bodies locked together in desire for a common fulfilment; the intellect muted while the emotional and sexual energies dance their own bolero? We generally associate intimacy with the body, but it’s not always so, and the exceptions can point […]

Dominions of Cnut – #Silenti

Pity poor King Canute (Real name ‘Cnut’ pron: Kn-ootr). He went down in English history as the King who was so self-important that he sat in a ceremonial chair, on the beach, ordering the tide not to come in… Only, according to many leading historians, he didn’t… This intelligent eleventh century ruler of England, Norway and […]

The Finding of Polarity (3) – #Silenti

In parts one and two of this set of three posts, we have examined how the development of the individual, the ‘self’, is a different process from the development of our young bodies, and relies upon our departure from ‘oneness’ in the womb towards a reaching for individuality – a process that eventually matures into […]

The Finding of Polarity (2) – #Silenti

  ‘As I begin to understand how ‘I’ am made I begin to see that infinity can largely be equated with what is formless and not with some mathematically and useless hugeness’ I wrote that down some time ago. From one perspective, it describes the beginning of the real search for what uncovers the heart […]

The Finding of Polarity (1) – #Silenti

We can speak of mysticism, of magic, of meditation, of psychodynamics and many other labels, but all these refer to the attempt by the human consciousness to become aware of a deeper level of existence than our normal day-world. In dreams, we experience another ‘world’ but it is often confusing and seldom follows the laws […]

Freedom via Relationship -#Silenti

The pre-born, living within Mother, but increasingly alive, knows only the dual world of She-and-me. The new-born, finding itself in an undefinable aloneness yet reassured by a Mother now separated, clings to her now-externalised warmth and nourishment. But a dramatic change has taken place. There is an imprinting within consciousness of separation and the key […]

The Holes in the Boat -#Silenti

I remember my first journey into the world of being conscious of identification. I had been particularly struck by its description in the book In Search of the Miraculous, by P D Ouspensky – considered to be one of the key works in the exposition of Gurdjieff’s ‘4th Way’; a path of psychological and spiritual self-exploration […]

A silent voice

It seems a very long time ago now, before the launch of the Silent Eye, that I wrote “Coming Through”, about the way we are sometimes guided by unseen hands. It was an attempt to describe what drives the work forward and how we experience that. Not just within the School, but all of us, […]

#Silenti – The Ancient Now

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’m spending a lot of time ‘in the now’. I’m in the final stages of writing the Silent Eye’s three year home-study course on the Magical Enneagram, and the subject of ‘now’ is crucial to the last four lessons. Some subjects are just so profound […]

A silver cord

As soon as I was considered old enough to wander alone… a ridiculously young age by today’s standards… I would knock on the doors of the various elderly relatives that lived within a stone’s throw of home or school. Their doors opened onto another era that to my young eyes qualified as the ‘olden days’. […]


In a silence broken only by breath Words lose their sound; Spill their essence on the pristine page Or curl in tendrils through a mind undone, Fleeing logic on wings of fantasy. Fabled spectres rear their heads, Horned dilemmas bow before a ghost Of newborn Understanding, Mewling helpless in a night Of infant shadows. The […]

Books by Silent Eye Writers

The Silent Eye have a growing bookshelf of works that span many genres, from workbooks to humour, mythology to adventure, even one from a small dog. All books available in paperback and for Kindle via Amazon. You can find them by visiting our author pages Steve Tanham: UK. US. Stuart France: UK. US. France. Germany. […]

Contact The Silent Eye

If you would like to contact the School with an enquiry, a request for further informatiion or to find out more about the correspondence course,or our workshops and events, please email us at: or use the form below. You can also find The Silent Eye on Twitter @eye_of_silence, on Facebook and now on Google+… […]

River of the Sun – the Silent Eye Weekend Workshop 2015

Egypt 1290 BCE It is three generations since Egypt was torn apart by the rule of the enigmatic Pharaoh Akhenaten, who eviscerated the might of the ancient priesthood and moved the centre of political and religious power 250 miles North from Thebes to the new city of Armana on the Nile banks. The rulers of […]

Previous Events – Take a look at some past Silent Eye workshops and talks

On this page you will find some of the previous workshops, weekends and talks the School has organised. The Silent Eye hosts a number of events each year, from our annual Weekend Workshop in Derbyshire to our informal ‘Walk and Talk’ gatherings. All events are open to non-members and Companions of the School and they […]