Babble on Babylonia…

Tarot Card – The Blasted Tower: The Egoic Nature

is penetrated by Higher Forces.



‘…Let us make bricks and bake them…’


… And the whole earth

was of one language

and one mind.


The Sons of Shem journeyed from the east.

They found a plain in the land of Shinar and dwelt there.

They had mud for stone and slime for mortar.

“Let us make bricks and bake them,” they said,

“Let us build a city and a tower to reach heaven.

Let our name be spoken

far and wide

across the whole earth.”


The Spirit came down to see

the city and the tower

that the Sons of Shem were building,

“Look, the Children of Men are of one mind

and will accomplish all they have imagined.

They will breach the Gate-of-the-Gods!

Their language must be confounded

so that they cannot understand each others speech.”


And the Spirit scattered them

far and wide across the earth

so that they left off building their tower.


From then on that plain was known as Babel,

the place that saw the confusion

of all the tongues of earth.







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