Wisdom’s Way…

Tarot Card – Strength: An unarmed,

feminine character closes the mouth of the Lion.


‘…Before his works of old

I was fashioned from everlasting,

At the origin, as ever the earth was…’

Proverbs viii 22-23


So if the story of Samson as given in the Old Dispensation

is no longer reliable as a reputable store of lore

where can we look for the key to this symbolism?


Fortunately the underground stream preserved

the keys for us and re-presented them to the waking world

in the medieval picture book now referred to as the Tarot.


It is not the lion that is strong

for the lion represents merely the animal life-force

of which we humans too partake

when we blindly follow ‘the will to power’.

The feminine figure who subdues this force

and subjects it to the divine life-force

thus sublimating it into its higher form

is known in the Gnostic wisdom tradition as Sophia.


The sublimated animal life-force is known as Spirit.



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