Bridle Rock…

The Bamburgh Beast


… The Great Stone in the ballad is known as Spindleston Heugh(s),

and is a dolerite crag on the Whin Sill (‘Dark Flat’) escarpment in the parish of Easington.


 The Spindle Stone is a natural stone column standing out from the crag,

which is also known as ‘Bridle Rock’.


‘Bridal Rocks’ are often climbed by suitors

in order to demonstrate their suitability for an intended.


According to legend this one was used by Childy Wynde

to tether his horse before he tackled the Worm.


A feature below the crag is marked ‘Laidley Worm’s Trough’ on the map

but the nearby ‘Laidley Worm’s Cave’ was destroyed in the 19th century.


It is sometimes easy to forget our links to the land

in which we move and have our being

especially when we have been couped up in doors

for any length of time, by choice or otherwise.


This, though, does not seem to have been so much of a problem

for our ancient ancestors, and perhaps,

this is because it was all so new to them…


The balled of the Laidley Worm is now

intricately associated with Bamburgh castle.


This large fortified house is perched atop a dolerite outcrop

which is decidedly wormlike in shape, and was formerly the stronghold

of Celtic Britons, the Din Guarie.


The church at the back of the castle,

holds the relics of St Aiden.

Entry to the church is free, and is well worth a visit…

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