Seeking and well being

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The human condition has changed little at the level of the soul and is unlikely to do so for a long time to come. Over the course of various workshops, the Silent Eye has ventured into the furthest reaches of past and future with its themes, drawing upon both ancient cultures and science fiction for inspiration. We have woven tales around sacred sites and explored the symbolism of myth… places outside of time. Place and time are irrelevant, the questions we carry may have changed over the centuries, but only by our ability to formulate them in ever more complex ways. The essence of those questions echoes back through our distant legends and will reverberate through our future. Who are we? Why are we here? And is the meaning of ‘life, the universe and everything’ something more understandable than ‘42’?

In Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings seek an Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from Deep Thought, a supercomputer constructed for this one purpose. After millions of years of calculation, Deep Thought gives them The Answer, which proves incomprehensible… but only because no-one has ever known what The Question actually is.

Individually, perhaps we are too small to seek a universal answer, but we can work on our own inner universe, with its multiplicity of galaxies… clusters of experience orbiting the central sun of the soul. Yet those who choose to turn inwards and explore this inner space, following a spiritual path, find that they have somehow slipped into another mode of existence, where every step inwards shows them an outer world made vivid by awareness… which in turn lights up and enriches the experience of the inner world.

It is a principle that has been highlighted by research on happiness and emotional well-being and it is perhaps more relevant at this moment than at any other time in our history, when we feel under siege by an unseen enemy. One of the key steps we can take towards our own wellbeing is to help others. No matter how small the act of kindness… from something as simple as saying thank you, through to giving time and energy to a community project, the studies that have been done show that giving of ourselves increases our sense of purpose and our positivity. It doesn’t even matter that our primary motivation may have been to increase our own sense of wellbeing; a loop is brought into play that feeds back to us and in turn we see the world as a better place and through happier eyes.

In the same way, the seeker who turns towards the subtle worlds will find themselves aware of the physical world with a new attention, noticing aspects and details that had escaped them before, becoming ever more present in their own lives. In fact, the recommendations for living a happier life, in that state that of wellbeing that gives us the balance and resilience to deal with what life might throw at us, have much in common with both the traditional path of the seeker and the way we have shaped the Silent Eye’s methods of teaching. It is perhaps, then understandable, that while The Question may not be fully formulated, at least part of the answer is joy from the well of being.

11 thoughts on “Seeking and well being

    1. We can still ‘be there’ for each other and share, even if we cannot do so in person. We are far better equipped than ever before to be able to communicate with each other… but perhaps we need to remember how to open up to each other.

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      1. For a couple of decades now, a generation, our culture has been deliberately distancing itself from engaging on that deeply personal level via social media, and now it’s come back to bite us on the arse, because so many people are having to relearn how to engage using ONLY social media … I think that qualifies as irony.


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