A New Beginning…

Since the birth of the Silent Eye, we have held regular workshops, including, for the past seven years, an annual residential weekend of ritual drama in Derbyshire. We have had a huge amount of fun with these weekends over the years, in spite of the months of writing, work and preparation they entail. We have made some wonderful friends and seen our companions rise above the challenges to create pure magic within our place of working.

At the same time, we have also been pioneering a new kind of workshop, set within the living land. It is not enough to follow a spiritual path within the confines of a hallowed hall. Spirituality must be part of everyday life and must move in the world before it truly comes to life.

With this in mind, our landscape workshops visit ancient and sacred sites, right across the country, in varied and beautiful places, allowing the land and its history to illustrate and reveal the heart of the spiritual principles we explore.

Last year, we took the decision that we would follow the call to move all our workshops out into the landscape, with this year being the last residential weekend for a while. At our last monthly meeting, with confirmed bookings not meeting the necessary criteria, we decided that, rather than risk being unable to deliver a well-rounded weekend for our companions, we would move this event too out into the landscape.

And, as soon as we made that decision, the details and structure of the weekend fell into place.

Sometimes, you simply have to listen to what the winds of change whisper… and when you do so, magic happens…

Quest for a Quest: The Initiate’s Story

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

17-19 April 2020

There are mysteries just beyond the doorstep, sacred places and hidden stories in every landscape. From the five thousand year old track that once crossed the country to the enigma of the secret orders that have hidden their true purposes behind sanctity or debauchery, the landscape of rural Buckinghamshire abounds in unsolved riddles.

Join us as we ask why a medieval church was built upon the site of a prehistoric settlement… Why Sir Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club met beneath a sacred hill… and how the landscape beyond your threshold can open the door to adventure.

The weekend will be based around Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and runs from Friday afternoon to early Sunday afternoon, and costs £75 per person. There will be a moderate amount of walking, some of it across field paths.

Meals and accommodation are not included in the price and should be booked separately by all attendees. Meals are often taken together at a local pub or café. For those arriving by public transport, we are able to offer a limited number of places in shared vehicles; please let us know if this would be required.

Contact us at Rivingtide@gmail.com for more details. Click below to
Download our Events Booking Form – pdf

16 thoughts on “A New Beginning…

  1. I have always loved how sacred sites are layered. Some, in Israel, go all the way down to bedrock. One site, near Lachish, was a 5th-century synagogue on top of a Roman temple, atop of Greek temple, atop a Philistine temple, and at bedrock, a Canaanite temple. Every priest and rabbi will tell you that there ARE no sacred sites. Except, of course, there are. All around the world.

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    1. Same here. One of our favourite places is a iny mediaeval church, built upon an early nunnery, a Roman settlemeant, the foot of a hillfort and healing spring and a prehistoric camp.


  2. Sacred places seem to be often built on other people’s sacred places. It’s placing the paw on it and saying, mine now.
    Funny (but maybe not so strange really) The story I’m writing at the moment is linked to the Hellfire Club. I learned that there is a Hellfire crossroads outside Bradford…

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      1. I think it started off as a load of idle rich kids doing what idle rich kids do. There were quite a lot of them sprang up. I remember my uncle outside Dublin pointing out where there had been Hellfire club.


  3. Well, that is exciting, Sue! I’m so pleased it all came together 🙂

    When I was working in Melbourne, I worked for a while in an old building set between two churches, built when the city was newly founded. As it turned out, the two churches had both been built on an aboriginal sacred site, dedicated to fertility. Small surprise, then, that half the office fell pregnant during my time there. I knew someone who’d worked in the building in one of its previous incarnations, and he said the same thing, loads of staff members becoming pregnant while he was there. I suppose the energy of these places can be built over, but it never really disappears…

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  4. The shift from hall to landscape feels right, doesn’t it? Even reading about it, I can feel the energy. So often, Sue, you write about connections to nature and the land, now and throughout history. It seems natural that your workshops would happen in the most ancient of places. ❤

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