Accelerated evolution

Inner Temple-image by Matt Baldwin-Ives
Inner Temple-image by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Spiritual growth is a journey unique to each one of us and taken whether we will or no. It is a natural evolution against which we may fight, actively resisting change or more usually with apathy and inertia. Or we may choose to jump into the flowing stream willingly, seeking the adventure of new destinations, unknown and unfamiliar landscapes seen in the light of increased understanding and awareness.

Some choose to walk their personal path alone, others choose the companionship along the way that a group, faith or school can provide. Within these are found many paths that lead towards a single, lambent Centre that is known by many names and yet transcends them all.

Each path will draw those to whom it speaks, as if both the path and the heart have a voice raised in song, and when the two come together in harmony, something beautiful is born. However, seeking that path that resonates with your own inner song can be a long and painful journey in itself, with many false starts and missed turnings.

One cannot teach spiritual growth. What can be taught, however, is a method, a pathway.

With the Silent Eye we seek to share a path into Consciousness that is an ancient one, not of our devising, but one that has lain hidden beneath an accretion of arcane symbols, correspondences and complex language. It is a natural and simple path, one that we have cleared of the accumulated debris of centuries, the brambles and thorns have been stripped away and it gleams clear and white before us. We have, as Steve once wrote, given it a new life and a new language for the digital age.

To turn one’s face towards this quest for understanding requires both commitment and awareness. There is no quick fix, no instant solution and no magic wand. Results are always dependent upon the dedication of the student. The destination is not reached overnight and the road may be long and rocky. But as with any journey, a well-constructed road, a map and clear direction make it far more certain that the destination will be reached.

The active engagement in this journey has been called accelerated evolution, and that, I feel, is an apt description. The simple act of choosing to actively embrace the changing landscape of the path is, in itself, a powerful thing. The student who joins a Mystery School is guided by those who know the path ahead and can see the pitfalls before them having themselves walked the same way.

Seeds of knowledge are planted in mind and heart, for knowledge can be shared. Understanding grows with the student… and we are all students…and that unfolding is both personal and beautiful.

13 thoughts on “Accelerated evolution

  1. I love the way you have started this “Or we may choose to jump into the flowing stream willingly, seeking the adventure of new destinations, unknown and unfamiliar landscapes seen in the light of increased understanding and awareness.” And I could not agree more with the description of accelerated evolution. It seems logically future evolutions will expand our awareness and willing to push the envelope is a powerful thing.

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  2. I have always said, ever since I was a teenager, (a very long time ago!) that there are many paths to the Truth, God, Heaven, whatever you wish to call it. I find it sad that many people think their way is the only way.
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  3. I am feeling so light and airy because of reading posts by you, Stuart and Steve all together. It gives me great hope for our world.and is giving me a path to restart my lessons. As you know, I have had to stop studying recently primarily to take care of caregiving of Richard, who keeps getting worse, legal issues trying to get legal documents from the owners of the park that are due to me, and trying to take of my friend who lost everything in the Paradise, CA fire. That is my worst enemy – myself. I guess I have always been the one to take care of everyone else, so I do that when I need to take care of my own self first and foremost. I love all the posts I have read and it is encouraging to know that nothing has to be forever, so I can choose to make time to do my studies too. This has been a wonderful time for learning new things about our consciousness and the evolution of everything in the universe in terms of overall consciousness.Thank you one and all for not giving up on any of us. I like to learn new things every day, and I like to stay open-minded, but if I don’t allow myself to digest what is out there for me to think on, I am not hurting anyone but my own self. It’s a good kick in the butt to realize what I have known all along is true. I could live the rest of my life taking care of everyone else first. I have to take care of me too. Thank you one and all.


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