Just five minutes…

Half-past six on a Monday and it was not the best of mornings. Grey, overcast and with just enough light creeping over the horizon to make the black dog visible against the shadows as she patrolled the boundary fence. We had both been reluctant to leave our beds and were stiff and struggling to get moving in the cold, pre-dawn air. The long walk through the fields the previous dusk had taken its toll and the prospect of the long day ahead was unappealing. Work and duty called and the clock was ticking.

Like a snowball, time gathers momentum and seems to rush by ever faster as the years pass. It seems only yesterday that a pup and her energetic human had risen in the dark to be out at first light every day. The walks had been playtime and we had bounded through fields and woods together. These days, our forays are rather more sedate… we are neither of us as young as we were. So today, instead of our morning walk, we took time to just be together, the dog and I, as we sat on the doorstep to watch the dawn.

A dark head on my lap, my hands in her warm fur and the canvas of dawn spread above and around us. We are part of the picture… part of this moment in the vast current of eternity. A moment shared, unique in time, though the sun lights every morning of the world. Rose and gold creep over the skyline; shadows deepen for a moment against the blaze. Colour comes back to the earth and a new day dawns.

We watched pink and lilac suffuse the cloudy sky, spreading itself in a great arc over the fields, then fade to grey. Within five minutes, the glory had been swallowed by the nondescript mundanity of a damp, autumn morning. Five minutes, surrounded by beauty, sitting with love and trust. Once more, Nature was our teacher, reminding us to treasure every moment, for none of them will come again and, once missed, they cannot be recaptured…only remembered and kept safe within the heart.

32 thoughts on “Just five minutes…

  1. What a gorgeous sunrise and equally gorgeous reflection on the sacredness of stillness and noticing the moments that bring peace and joy to our tiny lives. You started my day off with a smile, Sue.


  2. So beautiful and true Sue, I do try to savour every moment I am sent. Of course like everyone I do let some slip through my fingers or waste them . Yet that said it only served to make the captured ones even more precious.💜💜


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