Morning glory…

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It is 4am and I haven’t slept a wink. I’m not entirely happy about that. It is not as if I haven’t tried. My mind whirrs quietly, emotions heightened by a frustrated fatigue. Ani is draped across the sofa snoring softly. For all I would, at this point, much rather be asleep, I love this time of day.

The sun has lit the touchpaper of the horizon and the east is edged in palest gold, the fire of dawn spreading silently over a sleeping land. The first bird just started to sing, Another has joined and the morning chorus has begun. There is a rainwashed freshness in the air and the colour, still absent from the ground, now gilds the sky, shifting the focus upwards.

It is as if the divine Hand has opened a window allowing us a brief glimpse of glory, lifting the eyes away from the earth towards a realm higher and clearer than the one in which we move. That small shift in focus alters perception completely and the world becomes a wider place, filled with a magical possibility as I watch the sun crest the horizon and see its pale eye with my own.

It seems as if the light steals in over the landscape, illuminating each leaf and branch, so softly it cannot be measured, yet bringing them to a life of living colour moment by moment. As it does so, the focus shifts again, back to earth and the glory of the morning sky is forgotten as attention is drawn to the detail of living, familiar green.

Yet it is still there. The sky is still full of light, the sun still rides the heavens all through the day, so bright it cannot be perceived directly but only by looking at the world it holds in light.

I see the analogy in this. A daily, unregarded reminder of the way in which our attention is glued to the details of everyday life, while the essence of the soul need only shift the focus to see whence it comes and in what it has its being.

Most mornings I miss the summer dawn, dreaming of other realms while my own awakens unseen around me as I sleep. Missing too this moment of the daily reminder of the beauty of light as it performs its revelation of reality while slumber holds my eyes closed and my mind absent.

It is a brief miracle every day. In the minutes lost to writing, the sun has risen, the world is flooded with light and had I just awoken, I would look at the earth and not the sky, mesmerised by the colours of leaf and flower. To share a moment with the dawn is a gift.

26 thoughts on “Morning glory…

  1. We are currently seeing the dawn nearly every day, Sue, as the sun only comes up after 6.30A.M. and Greg is on his way to school. I can’t imagine not sleeping all night. My aunt and mom both take sleeping pills but I have yet to struggle sleeping.

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  2. Beautifully written, Sue. I love the dawn more than anything, it’s almost primal, for you feel you are witnessing a special awakening and not just something that happens every day, whether we are there to see it or not…


  3. You write so beautifully, and I feel as though I too am observing what you are. In reality, I don’t sleep a lot of nights, and I get to see the dawn, and then a lot of evenings, I go outside, and it feels like the beauty in those paintings with the classical figures in them in that light (I wish I could remember the name of the famous painter). He had so many copies of his work in homes everywhere and they were all just magical with the lighting and the people enjoying that time of day together. There is a very peaceful quality about your work, even when you have not slept through the night. Now my own dear little dogs are crying for me to go get in bed with them as it is late in the evening here too. I want to see the dawn I think tomorrow. Thank you very kindly.


    1. Thank you, Anne. I do love the dawns… and the shifting light through my windows. My Ani is hiding from the heat under my desk and wafting that hamster smell up at me… but I love her too 😉


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