Herr Doktor…


Not warlike…


Not romantic…


Not adventurous…




our muse intends

to trill

it’s heaven-sent verse

‘gainst this…


…Our players willed

to shape

the Faustian Fall

for well or ill.


We’ll for him plead

a base-born life to lead…


So shortly sped

and earned

divinities title

of Theology, a doctor,



Up and up…

he kept on rising,

’til waxen-wings

stopped him flying!


But first,

before that flight,

is he within an earth-bound

state, and study found…


There to slake his lack

with subtle sorceries, black!

The Arts of Dark pursuing

all thought for the Soul’s chief bliss,





7 thoughts on “Herr Doktor…

        1. Here the chorus, which has a narrative function in the play, is drawing an analogy with, or making an allusion to, a mythological figure in order to seed and guide audience expectations… 😉

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          1. If I had read the play, that might have helped. But most likely, it is my superficial understanding of both stories that led to my particular failure. Either way, the poem makes one think, which is always a good thing.

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